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Vanguard #174
Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by

Originally I thought I would miss the Twisted Dragon Funnies as flip over back up stories, but the Vanguard has been a welcome addition. I’m reviewing this separately from Savage Dragon #178, the flip side A-Story, because this is a distinctly separate work. Still set in Larsen’s world, or orbiting Larsen’s world, Vanguard’s duties have wrapped up and he should be heading home. Although, as we learned last issue, he doesn’t want to leave.

More on that theme this issue. Vanguard doesn’t want to go but is being forced by the military leaders of his home planet.

Aliens, inter-species smooching, wise-cracking robots, and changelings abound. A false cameo by Super Patriot and a second Vanguard are also included. It is a lot to pack into just a few pages.

Vanguard #178 is a creatively numbered representation since this story arc picks up after Vanguard #4 (the last issue) and in the same time line as Savage Dragon. The creative counting, and skipped issue numbering, has to be a joke at the two large companies renumbering their continuities.

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