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X-Men: Regenesis
Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Billy Tan
Colored by: Andres Mossa
Lettered by: Rob Steen
Cover by: A- Chris Bachalo w/ Tim Townsend; B- Morry Hollowell
Assistant Editor: Sebastian Girner
Editor: Nick Lowe

In some ways this one-shot contradicts what happened at the end of Schism #5, but in other ways it helps fill in the blanks. It didn’t seem like the end part of Schism took as long as this issue does, but it can be explained away and really the strength of this issue helps negate any negatives from the contradictions.

This is a well plotted issue. It could have been very boring, with lots of talking head moments, as Cyclops and Wolverine each try to talk the various X-Men into joining their teams. The bright spots would have only been provided by the reasons that the different members give.

But instead Gillen adds some scenes that really help push this issue along. Wrapping up all the talking is a silent scene of Cyclops and Wolverine dressed in tribal gear fighting it out in the middle of the ring with the different X-Men, also in tribal gear, choosing sides. When someone significant joins the other side when would have thought they would have been on the opposite, like Storm choosing to stay with Cyclops instead of reforming the school, the tribal fight takes a turn for the worse towards the loser side, in this case Wolverine. It’s very effective during the conversation with Emma when she says that teaching is what she is all about. The tribal scenes skip with the real scenes, one after the other, with each tribal scene going worse for Cyclops as it keeps looking like Emma will join Wolverine.

It’s extremely effective. As are some of the reasoning beyond the choices.

Why Cyclops wants her, and how he convinces her, are extremely good. I never would have thought of that motivation. Here Cyclops has Magneto, Colossus-Naut and Namor on his side. Extremely powerful but not the most morally straight people. He needs Storm to keep him on straight.

Colossus reasoning is solid as well. A school is no place for him in his new form. For the most part the reasonings are all in character and make sense. I’m not sure about Pixie joining Cyclops. Being a soldier never suited her even though she is one of the most used X-Men. But is that because of who she is or what her powers are now that there isn’t any other teleporters? And flattering Dazzler into joining him? Cyclops plays dirty sometimes.

I would have liked to have seen the conversation between Jubilee and Wolverine. This is where Gillen dropped the ball I think as it should have occured, unless it’s planned for elsewhere.

This was the best Billy Tan art I’ve seen in awhile. It reminds me of his Top Cow days, which have been better then what he’s done at Marvel (at least what I’ve seen). This shows the ability of Tan and that he can be a top-tier artist. Hopefully his work will remain at this level and he’ll get some major assignments soon.

X-Men: Regenesis receives
4 out of 5

Good transition issue between the end of Schism and the start of the new x-titles. Good to see some thought put into the decisions and not just made arbitarily.

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