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NYCC 2011 Creator Owned With Robert Kirkman
Published on Friday, October 14, 2011 by

Robert Kirkman and Eric Stephenson from Image sit down and talk about what’s coming next in the world of creator-owned comics at Image.

We didn’t get to broadcast this panel live like we wanted. Internet at the Javits center was touchy. But alot of new information came out of this panel.

Eric Stephanson was the moderator of the panel which included: Robert Kirkman, Rob Liefeld, Tim Seeley, Joe Keatinge, Russ Campbell and Jim McCann

Robert Kirkman opened up saying how one of the things he wanted to do once he became an image partner was to get Rob Liefeld back into Image’s fold.

Rob Liefeld then took over and announced the return of some of his Extreme titles.

The titles will resume the numbering they would have had if the different books hadn’t have been canceled. Eric Stephanson said that each book will have 2 issues in the can before the first ships, Youngblood #71 and Supreme #63 for example.

Erik Larsen will finish up Alan Moore’s run on Supreme and will then take over the book monthly.

Tim Seeley will take over Bloodstrike with Francisco Gaston as the artist. Bloodstrike is about a team of superhumans that were killed and resurrected as functioning zombies. Seeley originally pitched a Bloodstrike series 4 years ago but altered his pitch for the new Bloodstrike. Seeley’s approach to the book is that if the team spends so much time dead then they’ll forget what it is to live and why they do what they do. Seeley also said that besides the leader Cabbot, the team will consist of all new characters using the old names.

Joe Keatinge and Russ Campbell will take over Glory. Glory is a half demon/half goddess who had trained for 900 years to fight a war. Their approach to the book is that the war has come and gone? So what happens next?

Youngblood returns with Rob Liefeld and John McLaughlin (screenwriter of Black Swan) co-writing and Jon Mayland on art. There have been some changes such as Photon becoming female and Liefeld says that McLaughlin came up with a way to make it work.

Next up on the panel was Jim McCann who talked about his first creator-owned ongoing series, Mind The Gap. Morning Glories cover artist, Rodin Esquejo, will handle the art chores. Sonia Oback will be doing the colors. The series is about a girl who is try to save herself from attempted murder except she’s in a coma. McCann said that the series will have a beginning, middle and end but it can go indefinately.

Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz bring Hell Yeah to Image. The series is heavily influenced by the early extreme books that Keatinge grew up on. Super heroes appeared 20 years ago and the series is about the generation that was raised in that world. The main character is out to solve a murder mystery as versions of himself are being killed in other dimensions. The series will be out in early 2012.

Robert Kirkman showed a slide and couple pages from the upcoming original graphic novel he is doing with Charlie Adlard: The Passenger. The Passenger is about a group of intergalactic truckers that ferry oil from a distant planet back to Earth. The journey takes months and the truckers pick up a passenger in the form of a robot that wants to kill them.

The Passenger is part of a series of original graphic novels that the two will do inbetween The Walking Dead. The series is called Album. It should be out in early 2nd quarter 2012.

The last series was introduced via taped message as Ed Brubaker was elsewhere (the video showed that he had been kidnapped).

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips will bring Fatale to Image and it will be out in January. The series is an epic that spans from present to the 30s and is about a detective that uncovers a secret that involves cults, monsters and the possible reincarnation of the “femme fatale”.

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