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NYCC 2011 Dark Horse Panel
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Join our live coverage of the Dark Horse panel.

The Dark Horse panel opened with Jeremy Atkins, VP of Marketing, and Scott Allie, editor, moderating.

The two talked about upcoming Dark Horse Presents issues with Erik Powell doing a special story in #5.

Atkins said that Fabio Moon had done a cover for #2 and liked the cover so much that he is developing a story based around the cover for a future DHP.

Mike Mignola will do a Hellboy story in DHP #7 that takes place during the time that Hellboy was drunk in Mexico.

DHP #8 will have Mignola doing a special eulogy for Hellboy with John Arcudi and Duncan Fregado. The story involved BPRD member Kate Corrigan finding out Hellboy is dead.

Mike Mignola will return to Lobster Johnson, doing a story in DHP #9.

The panel then moved onto Avatar: The Last Airbender. Atkins said that Dark Horse has gotten the license to reprint the entire Nickelodeon Avatar catalog.

A new Avatar series will bridge the gap between the end of the first series and the start of the upcoming new series.

Sanford Green came up to talk about his comic currently running in Dark Horse Presents. Rotten Apple is currently four parts and running in DHP now. He has a planned 4 part sequal.

Next up was Brian Wood to talk about his new book at Dark Horse, The Massive. The series will open with 3 short stories starting in Dark Horse Presents #8 introducing the three main characters. The monthly series begins in June and will appeal to fans of his Vertigo series, DMZ.

The story takes place in a future that suffered from an environmental crash and features of group of “greenpeace” like environmentalists that were on ships when the crash happens. What happens when people that wanted to save the world didn’t? The series will span the globe.

Wood will also be taking over Conan with Becky Cloonan on art. He will start by adapting the story “Queen Of The Black Hearts” and is set up for a 25 issue run.

Tom Morello and Scott Hepburn took the stage next to talk about Orchid. He described the main character, a 16 year old prostitute, as a cross between the suicide girls and joan of arc. Morello said that he has recorded an instrumental song for the series starting with #2 and going through #12. The first issue’s song is a track from the Nightwatchman album.

Rick Rememder’s (who couldn’t make it) series The Fear Agent will be coming to and end and he’s going out with a bang. The last two covers were shown.

The panel talked about the recently started Buffy Season 9 and Angel And Faith series. They said that they are going to keep these stories small and personal where Season 8 was global.

House of Night’s first issue is out November 9th (read the Pryde’s advance review here). The series is based on the novels by PC Cast and Kristin Cast and his an original story that takes place around the time of the upcoming novel “Destiny”.

The Strain is based on Guillermo Del Toro’s novel and is a modern story with a classic approach to vampires. Issue #3 has an ugly and horrifying cover. David Lapham will write and Mike Huddleston will provide covers.

The Goon will continue bimonthly with Erik Powell having fun making fun of everything else.

Mass Effect will have some big announcements soon. The third series Invasion is just starting and tells the story that leads into Mass Effect 3 video game.

Next up was some big announcements for Star Wars.

John Ostrander and Jan Duursema (who joined the panelists on stage and showed some of her concept art) will do a story that gained attention in the New York Times. The new series is called “Dawn Of The Jedi” and will tell the story of how the first force users ended up becoming the first of the Jedi.

December will see the “Agent Of The Empire” series that will feature a secret agent that works for the Empire.

A 3rd series of Crimson Empire will be on sale in a couple of weeks and features the same creative team as the first two. Dark Horse Presents #1 featured a lead-in story.

Jon Jackson Miller will end the Knights Of The Old Republic series giving it a send off similar to the one that the Legacy series got with the War arc.

Miller will be writing a novel for Del Rey based on his series Knight Errant.

Darth Vader will star in another mini-series entitled “Darth Vader And The Ghost Prison”. The series will launch next year.

Boba Fett will get a new series with the same creative team as the Bloodlines series. The series opens with a story entitled “Boba Fett is dead”.

The question and answer period opened with someone asking about the format that Avatar will come in. The panelists said that it will not be in normal comics format but in digest format. The digest format will be 80 pages and come out quarterly.

Brian Wood was asked how The Massive and Conan will come, as an ongoing series or a bunch of mini-series. Wood said that each series will be 3 issue arcs and be denser then normal issues.

The panel was asked when Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion will be out. They said that Gabriel Ba will complete Killjoys first and then move on to Umbrella Academy. Killjoys is still a little ways off.

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