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Star Wars Panel: New Info!!
Published on Friday, October 14, 2011 by

Star Wars 2012
Here are the key points from the Star Wars panel at NYCC.
The focus for the coming year will consist of three lines and one kid friendly line.
1-Movie Heroes
(Some new sculpting and very different than Legends)
This line will include all 6 movies and will include 24 characters. Some of the figures will be:
Darth Maul
Battle Droid
Qui Gon Jin
Super Battle Droid
R2-D2 (With 32 phrases and sounds)
Clone Trooper
Some old school fans should remember the deluxe figures that had light up sabers. Well, there coming back but are scaled much smaller and looks incredible. Obi Wan and Qui Gon will be the first. The clone trooper has a flip out back back.

2-Vintage Continues!!
Vintage will continue for 2012 and the first few releases will be EP1 specific. We will see 55+ vintage figures next year. Hasbro stated that 18 or so have yet to be revealed. Some figures for this year has been moved to next year. The good news is fans who missed Wedge will have another shot as he is coming back. Hold off of Ebay for this figure and save some money. Also coming back is Gamorrean Guard and a few others that fans found difficult to acquire. We will see Clone Wars character’s done in realistic form; Anakin will be the first with 2 more to come. Here are a few key announcements:

Ratts Tyerell and Pit Droid
Battle Droid (Will fold up)
Daultray Dofine
Ben Quadinaros and Otoga
Luke Hoth (Will fit on new Taun Taun)
Dath Manlgus

3-Clone Wars
Darth Maul will return. Nuff said :)
We will start seeing phase 2 helmets for clone troopers. New version of Rex is on the way. More will be revealed at Toy Fair.

Mid size Vehicles
EP1 vehicles will return to retail.
AAT will sport new interior and the battle damaged battle droid will be removed. We can now have a battle droid piloting the tank. The Pod racers will be tweaked to a degree and the Naboo Starfighter receives some vast improvements. The first noticeable thing is the ship is a tad larger. Second, fans can now add a droid into the socket and fans will have some choices (more on that latter). Other tweaks include a sliding hatch and pop out weapons. In person this vehicle looks sharp.

Vintage vehicles
Torrent Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter (Obi Wan)
All three receives the vintage look.

Wal Mart: 12 figure assortment in special 3d packaging, Dewback and Vulture Droid
TRU: Droid 5 pk (This completes the Queens droids that serviced the Royal Starship)

Titanium is BACK!!

New kid friendly line:
Star Wars Fighter Pods. This line will include over 130 characters. Very interesting
to say the least and quite cute if you ask me.

We should have pics up latter today.

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