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NYCC 2011 Avengers: Shattered Heroes
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The first panel on Saturday is Marvel talking about the Avengers and Shattered Heroes.

We hit the Avenger’s Shattered Heroes panel. The panel consisted of Arune Singh (Director of Communications),Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Tom Brevoort (Senior Vice President, Executive Editor), C.B. Cebulski (Senior Vice President, Director of Content and Creative Development), Lauren Sankovitch (editor), Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage, Cullen Bunn.

Arune Singh opened up by stating that Fear Itself shipped on time for 7 months. The final issue is 64 pages. It was 8 to 9 months worth of books shipped in 7 months.

Fraction talked a little bit about Fear Itself #7.

They showed the cover for the upcoming shattered heroes .1 Fraction said that most event books, the final issue has 8 pages of fight and 20 pages of epilogue. The .1 issues are their way of giving the epilogue to Fear Itself and letting the last issue be all fight.

7.1 is about Captain America. This is Brubaker’s chance to deal with the death of Bucky as it was Fraction that killed Bucky and not Brubaker in Cap’s book.

7.2 will have Adam Kubert on art.

7.3 will feature the fall out of Paris being turned to stone. Stark confronts Grey Gargoyle and Iron Man confronts Odin. It’ll bring Tony’s Fear Itself journey to a conclusion.

Fear Itself: The Fearless will be written by Bunn, Fraction and Yost. It’ll be about what happened to the hammers? Puts Valkyrie and Sin at odds with eachother and the rest of the MU.

The team had a couple months of brainstorming before scripting the first issue.

The Fearless will ship two times a month.

They discovered they had too much story for the Fearless and took the plot that became Battlescars out of The Fearless.

Battlescars is about Marcus Johnson, who’s identity will have repurcussions for everyone in the MU.

Cebulski noted that Scot Eaton has taken his work to the next level.

Next the panel talked about Defenders by Fraction and Dodson.

Singh said that the Defenders is “why you read comics”.

Fraction took a plotline from Fear Itself to start off the series. The Hulk needs help and goes to the only people he thinks he can trust, the Defenders. Over the course of the adventure they uncover an ancient buried conspiracy at the heart of the Marvel universe. It’s a new kind of storytelling for Fraction and Dodson. There’s a long range sprawing mystery story about “why everything in the MU has happened, will happen and what it means?”

Fraction said that each character uniquely covers a segment of the Marvel Universe.

Next up was X-Sanction which is the first step in the journey through 2012. The title is phenomally important book for the next year. Cable has to wipe the Avengers from history and in 24 hours or bad things will happen to the world. The core is a father trying to protect his daughter. Stephen Platt, Ian Churchill and Steve Skroce will provide variants.

Next up was the first of the announcements.

Storm is joining the Avengers in issue #21.

Rick Remender takes over Secret Avengers. There will be a new lineup led by Hawkeye. The first issue is 21.1 with art by Patrick Zircher and Gabriel Hardman will take over the art in #22. Arthur Adams will provide covers.

Avengers Academy meets the Runaways in #27. X-23 joins the team in #23. In issue #21 they move to the former West Coast Avengers compound. The Runaways crossover will feature a continuation of the storyline between Karoline and Lightspeed.

Alan Davis will draw an arc of Captain America. In that arc Cap deals with the fallout from Fear Itself and the return of the Serpent Society. He has to deal with a new problem that he hasn’t had to deal with since his creation.

Tanarus becomes the God of Thunder in The Mighty Thor #8. The panel treated it as if Tanarus has always been the god of thunder.

It was noted that Fraction and Salvador Larroca have had the longest run on as a creative team on Iron Man. And it doesn’t include specials, .1 issues.

The first post Fear Itself arc is called “Demon”. That Tony fell off the wagon and his drinking gets out and he has to confront the problem. If pilots can’t be pilots if found drinking, why should Tony be allowed to be Iron Man?

The Mandarin returns and has been keeping Zeke Stane “hostage” to upgrade and create new versions of all of Iron Man’s rogues gallery. They will be updated in new ways and unleashed on the world in the Mandarin’s master plan.

Things get worse for Tony.

A couple of fan’s got a copy of Fear Itself #7 to read and were allowed on stage. A fan also got a chance to read Fear Itself: The Fearless #1 on stage.

The current Thunderbolts will face the original Thunderbolts in #171 with art by Declan Shalvey with covers by Mark Bagley.

The question and answer period opened up with a 13 year old kid asking about Tanarus. The panel was impressed that he looked Tanarus up on the internet and is the celtic god of thunder. The kid was given a polybagged copy of the FF issue when Johnny Storm died. Arune Singh said that they knew it was a signed copy of the issue.

Another fan asked about the Young Avengers. The panel said that Children’s Crusade is vitally important to the MU and is also a foundation stone to 2012. They said it was no coincedance that Fear Itself/Schism and Children’s Crusade all end around the same time.

The panel called the upcoming Point One as a rosetta stone for the 2012 MU.

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