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NYCC 2011 DC’s The Dark & The Edge
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Some title’s in the New 52 are tied together by theme. Learn more about DC’s The Dark and the Edge group of titles.

Each member of the creative teams in attendance were called up to the stage one at a time.

Each title had covers to the 5th issue shown and artwork from upcoming issues.

Scott Synder was first talking about Swamp Thing. He said the title was what made him want to write in the first place. Geoff Johns called him up and asked him to make a pitch for Swamp Thing which was going to be brought back at the end of Brightest Day. The core of the title is about a human that deep down was supposed to be this monster, the warrior king of the Green. Amy Arcane comes back but is a disciple of the Rot, the force in opposition to the Green. The Arcane family has always been connected to the Rot. A new character will be introduced that can take any kind of rot from dead tissues and manipulate it. He’s allergic to chlyrophyll so has to stat in a bubble.

Jeff Lemire was up next and talked about Animal Man. He said that the title is as much about the Baker family as it is about Buddy Baker. It’s about how much terrible things can happen to the family and how far it can stretch before it breaks or gets stronger. Issue #3 will feature the Totems, the Red’s version of the Parliament of the Trees. It’s discovered that Animal has only been a placeholder for the Red and his daughter Maxine is destined to be the real avatar.

He talked about Frankenstein next. He said it’s an over the top, sci-fi humor book. Issue #5 will feature a crossover with Omac. Each book will have the same events but from a different point of view. Ray Palmer will appear in the series but is not the Atom.

Next up was Keith Giffen. He said that he’s not deliberatly trying to ape Kirby’s style in the book and that he draws it as if he was just doodling at home. He said that Sarge Steel and Checkmate will get involved in the hunt for Omac. They’re taking an old school approach to Checkmate. He called it a “big, bold, lund, colorful and dumb comic book”. He said that by dumb he means a book where they throw buildings at each other.

Joshua Hale Fialkov came up to talk about I, Vampire. Issue #5 will feature a Batman appearance. He said the book is viciously brutal but with a compelling love story. The two main characters coexist with eachother but strive to destroy eachother. He’s operating under the “bram stroker” rules where a vampire has to be beheaded. He’s excited to get the characters into the DCU proper and explore what it’s like to have the bottom feeders, like vampires, in the world of Superman.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray talked about All Star Western. They want to make the new title different from their previous run on the book. The new book is not one-and-done but will be done in 3 issues arc. They’re excited to play with the history of Gotham. Moritat, the artist, designed a train station in the first issue that Jim Lee ended up putting in Justice League #1. They want to cement the Hex mythology in the DCU in ways that are different and unexpected.

Andy Lanning came up to talk about Resurrection Man. He said that he thinks the comics audience will be more ready to read the title then when it was previous published. This is their ultimate version of Mitch Shelley. They’re happy with the past and want to skew it in a new way. They want to make Mitch more proactive then the original series. They want to make it more deliberate to use powers to help people. He said that the new artist is channeling his inner Butch Guice.

Lanning said that each time Mitch dies his soul isn’t reclaimed. This makes Heaven and Hell upset and he tops both sides “get” list. He said that the nice thing about the series is that if you don’t like the current power set then a new one will be coming soon.

Ivan Brandon was not at the panel to talk about Men of War.

Adam Glass came up to talk about Suicide Squad. He said that the fans are happy with the way he’s using Harley. He said that the series isn’t about the killings but how you get killed.

Blackhawks was up next with Mike Costa. He said he tries to approach the book by not plotting to far in advance and trying to capture the excitment like comics in the 90s. In issue #2 he says he cuts the arm off one member and cripples another. A new villian, Titus, will be introduced. Titus is a cybernetic ninja. He says he told Ken Lashley to just unleash every odd creation in his sketchbook. Trevor Scott will do issue #2 and Trevor McCarthy #3. He said that a new artist will take over but could not name him.

Kyle Higgins was up next to talk about Deathstroke. He said that he’ll explore the mercenary underworld. He said that Slade Wilson is a warrior and not in it for material gain. He said that in today’s world the ultimate respect for a warrior is how much he is worth. A new villian, Legacy, will be introduced at the end of #3. The big reveal of what is in the briefcase from issue #1 will be in the 4th issue.

The question and answer period had someone asking about Ragman and the answer was maybe.

Another fan asked about Deathstroke’s family and Higgins said to stay tuned.

Giffen said no to Doom Patrol and Ambush Bug.

Snyder and Lemire said that there is alot of colloboration between Swamp Thing and Animal Man. They talk a couple times a week and it is one big story.

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