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NYCC 2011 Hasbro and Marvel Universe
Published on Saturday, October 15, 2011 by

In this spotlight panel we’ll learn more about what Hasbro has planned for the Marvel Universe line.

The last panel of the day featured Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line. Panelists included Scott George (Marvel Brand Manager), Dave Varner (Senior Designer) and Dwight Stall (Senior Design Manager).

The first slides showed the NYCC exclusives.

Next up was the Avengers movie line with images of Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor and Black Widow.

They said that comic costumes will be in the Avengers movie line and two of them were shown: Ultimate Hawkeye & Ultimate Thor.

Mini Mugg will now come in 2 packs and feature a versus theme. The sets include Captain America vs. Red Skull, Thor vs. Loki, Iron Man vs Iron Monger and The Hulk vs Abomination.

2012 Wave of Marvel Universe will feature:
Classic costume Hercules
Angel in his classic blue costume with a red costume variant
Puck (Q&A revealed that Puck will be 2-1/2 to 2-3/4″ tall)

The new 3 packs will include:
Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Thor, Red Hulk

A sneak peek of another 3 pack was shown:
Karnak, Medusa and the last was not announced but hints point towards Black Bolt

Wave 4 will include;
Professor X with his 90s wheelchair
Jubilee in her vampire outfit (with a possible variant)

Images of future figures were shown including:
Black Knight
Bearded Thor
Thor Frog

Next up was Marvel Legends with single cards returning.

Wave 1 debuted at SDCC. The panel said that Dan Ketch Ghost Rider will be part of the line (with blue and yellow flame variants) and Klaw.

Arnim Zola will be the Build-A-Figure for Wave 2 and will have a Red Skull chest image variant.

The panel said that to make more figures then they have SKUs for they will be doing running changes.
Thunderball will running change into Piledriver.
Madame Masque will running change into Viper.
Big Time Spider-Man will running change into FF Spidey.

Wave 3 sculpts were shown:
Punisher Armory Punisher
Blade (running change of the Punisher body)

An sculpt of Archangel was shown but they did not say when/where it would appear.

Sculpts for ’90s Jean Grey and Stryfe were shown.

An image of Dani Moonstar was shown, hinting that she will be in the line soon.

The panel talked about the 2007 Emma Frost and how they were disappointed in it. They showed a picture of what the 07 Frost should have been. They said that that figure won’t be released as they can do much better now.

The question and answer period opened with a fan asking if the Archangel will be classic of X-Force colors. The panel didn’t answer.

They said that more villians will be coming to the Marvel Universe line and that it is a team that fights the Avengers.

The Hulk will be in the Avengers movie line.

Amazing Bag-Man is coming soon and it is “cool how they do it”.

The Avengers movie sculpts figures will be all new sculpts.

Rogue is coming.

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