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NYCC 2011 The Image Panel
Published on Saturday, October 15, 2011 by

Yesterday was Robert Kirkman’s creator owned panel. Now the rest of Image get’s it’s chance.

The panel included Sarah deLaine moderated the panel that included Joshua Hale Fialkov, Justin Jordan, Blair Butler, Jean-Paul Bonjour, Joshua Williamson, Landry Walker and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Fialkov said that the Echoes hardcover is out and featured a die-cut cover. He talked about the Last of The Greats which features a group of aliens that arrive on Earth and make it a beautiful place and we hate them for it and kill them. When an alien invasion comes to Earth, the last Great is begged to save the world but his condition is that he become the God-Emperor of Earth. He’s done through issue #5.

Justin Jordan talked a little about The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode. Issue #1 sold out and the attendees were shown the 2nd printing cover. The title is a 6 issue mini-series.

Joshua Williamson talked a little about Xenoholics. He said that they have a 20 issue plan for the series and it will feature covers by Dan Duncan (IDW’s TMNT artist).

Blair Butler talked about Heart which combines two of her favorite things: comics and MMA fighting. Heart has a NYCC variant cover.

Kevin Mellon, artist of Heart, came on stage to talk about the original graphic novel that he did with Dennis Hopeless, Lovestruck.

Landry Walker talked about his new series The Danger Club. The series is about a world where the heroes are all taken off Earth to fight a big war and leave the kid sidekicks behind. He described it as “teen titans meet lord of the flies”. It will be out in February. Eric Jones will be on art.

Jean-Paul Bonjour talked about Alpha Girl. A cosmetic company creates a batch that goes wrong and causes all the women to become man-eating zombies. The main character is Judith, a 17 year old punk rocker that is immune somehow. She’s trying to break her brother out of juvie before he gets eaten. This title will be out in Feburary.

Jimmy Palmiotti talked about the new book he is doing with Frank Tieri and Amanda Connor called Captain Brooklyn.

The series is about a man that is forced to care for his elderly grandfather, lives next door to 3 russian “massage” parlor girls and is a garbageman. He lives in hell and makes stupid decisions. He gains superpowers from a canal in Brooklyn. It puts him in a place where he’d rather die. It’s an adults only title. It’s like The Pro (a book by Garth Ennis, Palmiotti and Amanda Connor) but more over the top. It’ll be 3 issues starting in May with Paul Mounts on color.

Some more Image titles were shown including:
Epic Kill, out in January
Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterested
Nancy In Hell: On Earth
Whispers by Joshua Luna

It was mentioned that a Chew adaption will be coming to Showtime.

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