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NYCC 2011 Marvel’s X-Men: Regenesis
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The last panel of the day (and pretty much the con) was a big one as Marvel talked about X-Men: Regenesis.

Arune Singh was the moderator for a large panel that included: Axel Alonso, Jeanne Schaefer (editor), Marjorie Liu, Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Peter David, Greg Pak, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, James Asmus, Brian Wood and in the audience were Mark Brooks and Daniel Ketchum (editor).

The panel opening talking about the “Team Cyclops” books.

Uncanny X-Men started it off with Gillen talking about how the team will be operating on a larger scale and wanted to be the world’s premier superteam

New Mutants have been given the job of finishing up loose ends but want to carve their own path as they include more then just mutants on the team (Warlock is an alien and Nate Grey is a cloned human).

James Asmus talked a little about Generation Hope and how they end up finding Sebastian Shaw and don’t know who the mind wiped villian really is. Things spin wildly out of control from there.

X-Men was talked about but none of the creators were there. Jeanne Schaefer talked about how the team will face off against War Machine and will bring the vampire story back again full circle.

The image of Cyclops kissing Storm was shown in connection with the new team of Greg Pak and Mike McKone talking over Astonishing X-Men. Pak said that issue #44 will start the new storyline and that the book will show major emotional repurcussions from Schism.

The presentation then went to the “Team Wolverine” group of books.

First up was Jason Aaron talking about Wolverine And The X-Men. He said it’s a new side of the X-Men and the school. It’s back to school in Westchester at the Jean Grey School For Gifted Youngsters but not everything is the same. There’s a danger room but it’s not the same danger room. There will be classrooms but not the same style of classrooms.

An early pre-con teaser had shown that Brian Wood’s first work back at Marvel was going to involve Wolverine and Quinten Quire. The reveal was at the panel.

Wolverine And The X-Men: Alpha And Omega will be a mini-series by Wood with artist Mark Brooks and will deal with Quire and Logan dealing with the issues between them. Wood noted that Armor would appear in the series and the words “collateral damage” were said.

Mike Carey is leaving X-Men Legacy after five years and the new creative team will come on board with issue #260.1. The new team was revealed to be Christos Gage and Dave Baldeon. The team; consisting of Rogue, Gambit, Frenzy and Marvel Girl; will serve as teachers and defenders of the school.

Peter David talked about X-Factor saying that Havok and Polaris will return in issue #230. David is excited about bringing the two characters back to the team and that they will arrive at a period of low morale for the X-Factor group.

Pre-con was a teaser showing some characters and announcing the creators as David Lapham and De La Torre. The project was revealed to be an Age Of Apocalypse ongoing that spins out of the pages of the storyling in current issues of Uncanny X-Force. The first look will be in November’s Point One one-shot.

There will be a Wolverine #300. Jason Aaron said that it is his biggest Wolverine story yet and that everything has been leading up to it. #300 will also be the first look in the return of Sabretooth by Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi.

The “It’s Coming” teaser was shown, as well as the 2nd one with the phoenix flames. No more information was given but we were told the first clues would be in Point One.

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