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Ghost Rider: Fear Itself #4
Published on Monday, October 17, 2011 by

Ghost Rider #4 opens with the new female rider standing with Black Adam in a space station. Johnny Blaze needs to get a Buck Rogers style space bike to reach them. Johnny feels obligated to save the young Ghost Rider and by extension save the world.

The space bike looks like a reject from Kamen Rider or a modified Tron bike. That might make it easier for customizers that need this version for their dioramas. The bike itself is so sci-fi it refuses to follow any logic. The eject seat doesn’t suck both seats out even though the canopy is open in the vacuum of space. The shot gun is fixed to the outside of space bike. The design is very wonky.

The new Ghost Rider’s inner monologue provides a glimpse into the female spirit of vengeance. It is an annoying repetitive voice that over emphasizes that she is 18 dealing with such unbelievable philosophical debate. It is very repetitive. She says little in this issue but her monologue is working overtime. She’s been a quiet participant in most of this four issue run so perhaps it is nice that she takes an active role.

Blaze still has that odd hick voicing that seems overdone.

How does Blaze snag a space bike? He turns to the one garage that stocks any bike he might need by and old friend that needs to be needed. What does Blaze sign away to get the space bike? That is only hinted. He does not blaze up into Ghost Rider in this issue (despite the cover).

I bet Black Adam will return despite his admitting that he’s original sin in front of the female Ghost Rider that lashes out and should have destroyed him.

The oddest point of this book is the ad for the fifth issue. The tales of the female Ghost Rider will continue. That does provide a validity that I felt this series needed. Apparently she will be the rider for more than four issues. The relationship between the new Rider and Blaze is unclear. He seems to want to be her shepherd. She doesn’t want that, but then again, as overly established, she is a rebellious 18 year old.

It will be curious to see if they stay in South America. She has never strayed far from Black Adam’s compound. How she will interact with the bigger world should be part of the upcoming story line. Her relationship to Blaze, they didn’t make out in this issue, should also be a part of the upcoming story. Although only time will tell.

Despite the Fear Itself banner this issue did not have a page featuring the cast of Fear Itself or random Avengers.

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