The GeeksverseInteresting Bizenghast Facts:

Interesting Bizenghast Facts:
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Bizenghast was a delightfully drawn series from M. Alice Legrow and TokoyoPop. The final, 8th, book has yet to be published. As fans wait, they should keep an eye on the creators webpage and blog. It is full of cosplay, art, fun tidbits, and Bizenghast facts.

Interesting Facts

*Dinah Wherever was named after Alice’s cat in “Alice in Wonderland”. Her last name was inspired by the movie “Johnny Dangerously”.

*Vincent Monroe was named after Vincent Price and Marilyn Monroe.

*Edrear was originally named Mordred, from the Arthurian legends.

*Edaniel was named after Daniel, a classmate randomly picked from my middle school yearbook.

*Elala is named after Lala Orange from the Rainbow Brite cartoons.

*Bali Lali’s name was inspired by Lalibela, a holy city in Ethiopia.

*Aunt Jane was named after my sister Jane.

*Dr. Morstan was named after the maiden name of Dr. Watson’s first wife in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

*Prince Ironbound was named after Ironbound, New Jersey.

*Maphohetka’s name was inspired by the russian spelling of the word “marionette,” which is spelled марионетка.

*Skidwidget was not named after anybody at all. Her name occurred to me while I was walking down the hallway at Akon 13.

*M. Alice LeGrow was named after Alice in Wonderland.

The most interesting fact: M. Alice Legrow is still working on publishing the 8th book. She wants to see the last book in print and not just as a digital download.

Keep standing by.

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