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Occupy Gotham
Published on Monday, October 17, 2011 by

DC needs to jump on this idea and turn out a one-shot, mini-series, or trade. Fast scripting and art might not make a successful comic book but it would create a comic that could be hyped alongside of the headlines.

Occupy Gotham has found its way onto Facebook. A fan page put together by a Bat-fan encourages the public to friend along. It is meshing Occupy Walstreet and Bat-Fandom.

Graphic Policy is also jumping on the idea. Graphic Policy is asking, “What Would Bruce Wayne Do?” (WWBWD). The Wayne family as charity minded would give up a portion of their 6.5 billion to help out the citizens.

Anjinanhut‘s Deviant Art of decowled Bruce Wayne holding up a protest sign seems to be at the heart of the online movement to have Wayne fighting the financial institutions. This image is going viral.

Comics go political occasionally. The first Obama election spurred on superheros supporting candidates. Spiderman and Savage Dragon were both on the side of Obama. 911 fund raising comics and memorial comics have also taken the comics political recently.

More importantly, Bruce Wayne has been used as a corporate entity before. Batman Beyond’s last story arc showed Bruce taking control of the company.

Many manufactures might also take a mighty marvelous swing at the Occupy movement. Marvel has enough rich boys in super suits to make a statement too. This is a political moment that should spawn comics.

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Deviant Artwork spurring the discussoin

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