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68 #4
Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by

I’m about over zombie stories so picking up #68 isn’t at the top of my normal pull list, but this issue caused me to geek out enough to want it and to want to share it.

The premise of the series is zombies in Vietnam. Simple enough. Should be a comic that could be picked up at any point since all zombie stories start to blend together after a while.

68 #4 picks up with a bit of geekery. It has a beautiful image of a 70s era war comic with spend rounds laying on it. The 70s era comic is “Army of the Dead featuring Sgt. Stone” from MG comics, a non-existent reference to Sgt. Rock and other war comics. The cover of the non-existent comic shows a blond main character type (think Duke) burying a comrade…or is he? Army of the Dead and Sgt. Stone giving a medal to a zombie…he earned it.

It would only be better if a character within the story were sitting in a trench flipping through the non-existent comic. War movies have shown soldiers trying to reclaim normalcy by reading letters and comics or listening to music. A comic about Vietnam should be able to show a soldier stealing a few minutes with a comic from back home. It could provide a jumping off point for great dialogue between characters.

Instead, the comic is cover fodder. It does still make a commentary about what is happening inside, which the recent Atkins-Perez Joe cover doesn’t do. This book might be a successful application of war story and zombie tale that Infestation tried to be.

The zombie story does provide a setting for an allegorical tale about racism and equality. Horror easily represents a distorted view of reality in which allegory can be possible. This one achieves that goal.

As a stand alone purchase, sold by variant cover, I don’t know the characters but I do feel that I understand the story. It is well presented and well executed. I didn’t realize that this was the conclusion of the minisieres.

MINISERIES CONCLUSION! Captain Joe ‘Dunk’ Duncan, CIA agent Declan Rule, Doc Russo and a handful of hardened US troopers hold firebase Aries against hordes of Viet Cong, NVA regulars and the rotting risen dead. It’s ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ Vietnam-style in the action/horror filled conclusion to the series’ initial story arc.

Sad, because I was hoping that perhaps in the future they’ll insert a regular Joe reading the predecessors to GI Joe. Keep an eye on their website. This is the zombie story Bruckheimer needs to look for when he realizes how popular AMC’s Wakling Dead is.

This zombie tale isn’t quite over, despite being the end of the miniseries. 68 Scars starts in Spring 2012.


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