The GeeksverseAll Nighter #5 (of 5)-Review

All Nighter #5 (of 5)-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by

The last page doesn’t make sense if you haven’t read the rest of this miniseries, surprisingly, the rest does. More surprising is that the majority of this book works as a stand alone issue. Enough exposition is delivered that the story works.

Interestingly, this book absolutely does not believe in divine intervention. It is mocked as lunacy. This story is squarely set in a rational and depressing world. The characters mature, even within this one book, into people that can see beyond that. The death is discovered, registered, and dealt with all in one easy to digest book. Psychologically it is interesting.

Check out the previews of #3 and #1.

This is a comic book that explores an economic reality for the underemployed youth of America. Or it is an interesting tale. Snag a copy and decide for yourself.

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