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Near Death #2-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by

My Jay Faeber love does not run deep but it does entice me to pick up the occasional title outside of my pull list. Near Death is an interesting book. It is completely different than the fun superhero books that I like by Faeber. Nobody seems to have powers or secret identities.
Like ’68, I don’t expect Youngblood crossovers any time soon.

The retired hitman, Markham, seems to be living fairly in public. The sex-offender finds him easily enough.

This story wraps up being penned down from the last issue. Then moves into a new chase scene.

This is an action heavy book that pulls exposition along at high speed. One interesting pause in the action is for Markham to have dinner and philosophize. Is raping a woman worse than killing women? Who deserves to die? The philosophy fits well into the framing of the narrative. It helps deliver information we need to know about the characters without feeling forced into the script. It is an organic moment.

This is a highly judgmental story. Rape versus murder. Pick up a copy today and see what the team at Near Dead have put together in a very non-essay car chasing fashion.

Like the first review, this still applies:

Despite the quickness of the story, which does prevent it from being stronger, it’s still interesting enough to grab the second issue.

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