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Xenoholics #1-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by

Sadly, this is not alien porn.

The art and the story jump in Xenoholics seems reminiscent of Chew fans trying to capture that energy and cash wave. I say this in part because the art is stylized and cartoony which is nothing new from Comics. I also mention it because the first page showdown scene will be continued in issue 5 which is reminiscent of the prologues to Chew and the out of order publishing. It could be a page out of the Chew play book or in this case the script book. As expected this is a bit of whimsy mixed with sci-fi. That said, this is a new story from the Shadowline imprint of Image Comics.

This is a cast of wacky characters that all think they have been abducted by aliens. They’re tossed together because of a support group. The group is non-functional, for comedic effect, but serves the purpose of introducing all of the characters fast. The introductions are playful and creative without being bound by the realities of a physical space. They are introductory panel flash backs.

Over the course of the story we find out more details about the characters.

It is important to note that this pseudo support group is completely mis-ran. I’m hoping that the lack of leadership and goal is part of the story. Part of me kept thinking that this was a horrible representation of group therapy. Reading Brian L. Weis’s book leads me to think his seminar sessions are better group therapy than the one presented by the “professor” in this book. It is a little odd nugget, but it is an instance of the world being bent to story telling for comedic effect.

The next issue promises Alien Sex Fetish Clubs. The story should be following this band of misfits, but given the inter comic jump it is possible that it will introduce more characters. How will the world react when they are forced to believe?

If you’re waiting for the reviews to come in, then it is time to head to the comic shop. Discuss on the Pryde Forum. “Be there or be human.”

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