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Fear Itself #7
Published on Thursday, October 20, 2011 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Stuart Immonen
Inked by: Wade Von Grawbadger w/ Dexter Vines
Colored by: Laura Martin w/ Ponsor & Milla
Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Art: Stuart Immonen w/ Grawbadger & Martin
Assistant Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
Editor: Tom Brevoort

Fear Itself comes to and end and like the rest of the series, the last issue is strong on concept but loses it in the execution. Most of the series has been alot of talking, some big moments (that for the most part had been spoiled in teasers or lost their impact because we had already seen the result in another series), but not alot of total movement. This issue was a long fight, but not alot of movement. The Mighty are given their weapons that Stark forged and each gets a moment to shine in battle against a Worthy. But overall the fights are just that, moments. Each (well not really because never really see Ms. Marvel or Spider-Man using their Mighty abilities) gets to make a cliche super-hero quip and take a shot at a Worthy.

But that’s all it ends up being. We never see any of the Worthy go down. The fights just go along with no ups or downs. We don’t even really get to see the citizens of Broxton assemble.

There are some big moments, and a series like this needs them. Thor’s fight with the Serpent, which brings the prophecy of Ragnarok to fruition, isn’t as epic as it could have been but the final thrust is well done. And there’s a Captain America moment that having read it, makes me wonder why it’s never happened before. “If He Be Worthy Let Him Hold The Power Of Thor” (or however it goes). Is there anyone in the Marvel Universe more worth then Captain America?

And even that moment doesn’t end up being as epic as it could. The one panel page of Cap holding Thor’s hammer aloft was great, but we really don’t get to see him weilding it as he should have and could have.

Not much is resolved by the end. And this again is spoiled by the teasers and announcements. We’ve known for awhile that Fear Itself would continue in The Fearless, so it’s no surprise that the ending of Fear Itself is pretty open. Part of the back of #7 is taken up with setting up the upcoming post-Fear Itself stories with the Hulk, Defenders, Fearless and Battle Scars.

Beyond a couple of moments, the overall battle doesn’t even have much advancement. Fraction does a good job of throwing some news panels showing how people are coming out of the fear but there’s nothing that connects that to Thor being able to gain the upper hand on the Serpent, or Cul as we find out he is named.

Immonen’s art shines in this issue. He’s allowed to really cut loose here and there. The big moments his work helps make them bigger. It carries the story, giving it an epic feel even with the story itself doesn’t.

Fear Itself #7 receives
3.0 out of 5

There’s just a lack of epicness to the entire series. Alot happens, but it doesn’t seem to advance.

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