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The Dragons Of Blizzard Island – NYCC
Published on Saturday, October 22, 2011 by

Published by: Big Bang Industrial Evolution, Inc
Written by: Rick Van Velsor & Jim Krueger
Illustrated by: Matt Brundage
Colored by: Tyler Champion
Lettered by: Dave Lanpphear
Cover Art: Matt Brudage w/ Tyler Champion

I picked up alot of books at NYCC and this was one of them. All the books that I grabbed at the con will be tagged that way.

It was Jim Krueger’s name attached to this project that got my attention. He hasn’t done much in awhile but I remember him from Footsoldiers and a couple of projects with Alex Ross.

This project is a comic book adaption of the story that sculptor Van Velsor created for his dragon sculptors. The story follows that a thief, Eiger, stole back a treasure from the Winter Witch and returned to the King who wanted to use the treasure to restore his kingdom to it’s height and glory. The Witch pursued them with an army of demons and Eiger and the people had to flee. Eiger used the last of the king’s magic to transport them to a floating island which the witch surrounded with a blizzard of ice and snow so the people could never escape. The treasure was a chest full of dragon’s eggs.

Krueger gives Van Velsor’s story an epic feel. The final fight between the old king and the goblins is truly epic. If it were a movie the music would soar with a triumphant but bittersweet sound as the kind makes his last stand. The chase is quick but tense. And Eiger’s transformation is again another epic moment.

As an origin comic for the story this works perfectly. That the creators spend some time on the townspeople helps the book alot as it gives it a fully realized world and the townspeople help add to the tension of the story. I definately want to see more of the Dragons of Blizzard Island as the idea would make for an interesting comic series. It would make for an excellant cartoon series as well.

The art is excellant, fitting the tone and setting of the story. The witch is evil incarnate and her demon hordes are well designed. Brundage goes nuts with the goblins, showing so many on a page that they overwhelm it, all unique and different. The mass of goblins helps create a sense of a huge army just pushing over eachother to get at the people. It’s well done. The last fight of the king is equally well done.

He’s got a good grasp of storytelling, his pages flowing smoothly. The page layouts add to the tone of the story, helping heighten the tension and majesty of the pages.

The Dragons Of Blizzard Island receives
4.5 out of 5

An exceptional comic that I hope to see more of. Tense and intriguing story.

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