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Annoucing Liber Comic Distribution
Published on Sunday, October 23, 2011 by

Liber Comic Distro is a distributor for comics, graphic novels, and all associated merchandise. Liber is dedicated specifically to bringing the best independent, small press, and self-published works to retailers all over the world.

Announcing Liber Comic Distribution

We offer an easy to use and efficient platform for retailers and publishers designed to help the independent comic market thrive.

Our Mission Statement
The comic industry finds itself at an impasse. It’s as if it is in a constant state of flux, and like anything in a period of transition, some of the most important elements are often lost in the shuffle as it adjusts and adapts to changing times. There’s no doubt that the industry is kept alive by the sales of large publishers, but we must never forget that the industry thrives by the sale of its independent publishers. It was the independent publishers who helped comics evolve past capes and cowls, it was the independent publishers who turned comics from children’s reading material into one of the highest forms of art. And ultimately it will always be the independent publishers that help feed and grow the larger publishers, providing them with the next generation of writers and artists. Yet now, amidst all the changes, it’s the independent publishers who are struggling to maintain their place in the industry.
Liber hopes to change that. With a focus solely on quality small press, independent, and self-published comics, Liber offers publishers the things they they won’t find with other distributors. Liber offers creators a chance to grow, a chance to find their voice, and more importantly, find those who will listen. Liber’s distribution services are free to publishers and creators, and we also offer several low cost marketing and printing services designed to help connect you with those anxious to carry your work.

As a distributor we want our publishers to feel like their titles are safe so they can focus on what’s important – making the best comics possible. Publishers will never have to worry about a title being dropped or reorders not being taken due to low sales numbers. We’ll carry your titles as long as you’re willing to print them. And to help get your books into stores we strive to offer retailers the highest discounts possible, along with an easy to use and intuitive ordering system to make any book Liber offers just a click away.

We know that the comic industry is only as strong as the books it produces, and we want to make sure its strength never waivers.

For an account please visit this link –

To show support while we launch our new distribution company please donate here –

Everyone – 215 Ink Grab Bag: $5
Anyone who donates $5 will recieve a grab bag from one of our publishing partners, 215 Ink. The bag includes a lanyard, vinyl sticker, and button set.

Retailers – Free shipping!: $10
Retailers who donate $10 will receive free shipping with their first order

Everyone – 3 free 215!: $10
For a $10 donation you can pick any 3 single issues form publisher 215 Ink.

Everyone – Liber T-Shirt: $15
Anyone who donates $15 will receive a Liber Distro T-shirt with our logo on it. The shirts come in sizes Small through XXXL. Shirts are 100% cotton, black with white logo.

Retailers – 10% off!: $50
Retailers who donate $50 will receive an extra 10% off their first order.

Publishers – Lower fees!: $50
Publishers who donate $50 will receive a 10% discount to all order fulfillment fees for 30 days.

Everyone – Art Commissions!: $75
A group of artists including Jeff McComsey, Rolf Lejdegård, Fernando Pinto, James Boulton and others have agreed to do original art pieces of your choice. *One commission per $75 donated.

Everyone – Original art work!: $100
Some of our publishers have donated original pages from comics we distribute. A donation of $100 will get you one of these.

Publishers – Auto acceptance!: $100
Any publisher who donates $100 will receive an automatic acceptance of one title for distribution. This means no review process for one of your titles, it is immediately accepted and added to our inventory.

Publishers – Free Ad Space: $100
Publishers who donate $100 will receive 60 days of free advertising through out the Liber Comic Distro site and catalog. You will receive prime advertising space to let retailers who shop with us see your titles!

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