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Kevin Keller #3-Review
Published on Sunday, October 23, 2011 by

Archie comics have a timeless feel, even when they are wrestling with contemporary issues, and that often leads to late reviews that are still relevant. As Stan Lee & 1821 team up to create more kid friendly comics, they should look at the model set by Archie Comics which pumps out kid and teen friendly books that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Archie is as much of a house hold name as Stan Lee in comic reading households and beyond.

Kevin Keller is the most recent example of Archie Comics being timeless and timely. The first two parts of the four part miniseries focused on Kevin and the Riverdale gang throwing a party for Kevin’s military father. Kevin himself aspires to be in the military. That is timely as the United States moves beyond Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, since Kevin Keller is the first openly gay teen in Riverdale.

The third installment of this miniseries seems oddly out of place since it does not directly tie into the first two issues. In this installment Kevin is tapped as the next great hope to win the quiz bowl, of course Kevin has stage fright and they have to help him through it. The third issue ends with a character from Kevin’s past, pre-Riverdale, asking for help and redemption.

The miniseries seems less like four connected issues and more like two sets of two parters. The second half of this miniseris seems to be less focused on Kevin as a gay character and more focused on Kevin as a round character. The third issue doesn’t mention his gender or sexual preferences at all. While some gay rights groups may find this problematic, it could also be seen as treating Kevin as a full character instead of as a stereotype.

Dan Parent has done an excellent job establish Kevin as a round character. He has a past that includes moving around considerably as a military brat. He has a future that has some definition. This character is less stuck in the timeless warp of Riverdale. Comixology mentions that Kevin has established himself as a part of the gang. They’re right, he does fit well into the group.

Only time will tell if Veronica’s new friend will stick around or if they’ll drop him like so many other characters over the years. Parent has created a character that can stick around and fit in well, as demonstrated in the second half of this miniseries. Kevin fits well into the fixed group in Riverdale. Only time will tell if this will usher in a LGBT era in Archie Comics as MTV predicts. Kevin will stay “around” for at least a little while since he’s also popped up in Life with Archie #16 and met his soul mate in the future. How long will the ongoing Keller series last? Only time will tell.

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Script & Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Rich Koslowski
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colors: Digikore Studios

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