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Marvel Adventures Spiderman #17 & 18-Review
Published on Sunday, October 23, 2011 by

Since Stan Lee is teaming up with 1821 for a renewed push in kids comics, I wanted to see what Marvel was offering this market, so I picked up Marvel Adventures Spiderman which is an all ages book. Featuring one of the most popular eternally teen heroes, I was curious how these books stacked up against the other titles of this same web head character.

Issue #17 (October 2011) and #18 (Nov 2011) were both available on the local comic shop shelves. 17 features a cover filled with familiar Spidey villains Vulture, Doc Ock, Electro, Sand Man, and Kraven with the red and blue hero trapped in the middle. #18 featured Green Goblin and Madame Masque.

“Six To One Shot!” (17) opens with a unified front confronting the red and blue hero. Truth in advertising. “Birds of a Feather” is the B-Story in this issue.
Vol 2 17
Writer Paul Tobin
Pencils Matteo Lolli
Inker Terry Pallot
Colors Sotocolor
Letters Dave Sharpe
Cover Garza & Soto

“Goblin Ball” (18) again truth in advertising. “Rent Strike” as the B-Story.
Writer Paul Tobin
Pencils Roberto Di Salvo
Inks Olazaba w/ Pallot
Colors Sotocolor
Letters Dave Sharpe
Cover Garza & Soto

The Marvel Adventures Spider-Man series might not have the snazzy head line grabbers like Ultimate Spiderman’s newest SpiderHero, but it is a fun series. This reminds me of the Amazing Spiderman series from the early 80s. It reminds me of the comics I read as a child. It doesn’t seem bogged down in cross overs and multiple time lines. It is a fun super hero story that works for readers of all ages.

Spiderman is full of jokes and bad puns. It will stretch the vocabulary of young readers which is something that all age comic should do. In 17 both stories involve, at least parts, of the Sinister Six. The stories tie in together. In 18 one story is Green Goblin and the next is Madame Masque with bonus Terrible Tinker thrown in too.

The characters seem familiar to fans of the genre. It does have a few odd edges. Vulture steals a purse, instead of prepping for the Sinister Six robbery, but then brings it back to Aunt May. Other than a few odd “kiddie” moments this feels like the first Ultimate Spiderman’s initial launch with one and done story lines that moved rapidly.

This comic makes me want to have kids to share this superhero with. It is a fun comic which is not always true of the continuity heavy hero comics. This is a good introduction to new readers, or returning readers, or readers that want a quick dose of the young, unlucky, classic Peter Parker instead of the experienced hero in love he becomes.Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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