The GeeksverseThe Pack #1 (of 3)-Review

The Pack #1 (of 3)-Review
Published on Sunday, October 23, 2011 by

The Pack #1 (of 3) is an offering from Th3rdWorld featuring attractive high school werewolves. From the company that brought Creature Feature and Space Doubles to horror comic fans.

Written by Mike Raicht
Illustrated by Daniel Faeeilongo
Colors by Jon Conkling & Michael Devito, assists by Tim Conkling
Lettered by T.L. Collins

The Pack #1
Who killed Brian Foster? That is the question whipping through the small town of Marcellus, New York. Clearly everyone loved the local high school star football player, didn’t they? At least that’s what it seems like to new kid in town, Greg Jordan. But perhaps the question shouldn’t be who killed Brian Foster, but what? Written by Mike Raicht (co–writer of Stuff of Legend, writer of GI JOE: INFESTATON) with art by newcomer Daniel Faccilongo this werewolf murder mystery is sure to bring out the monster in you.

The Full Moon Edition is an uncolored fully inked special edition allowing Artist Daniel Faccilongo’s impressive artwork to shine. the printing is limited to 100 copies and no additional copies will be sold.
Full Moon Edition

This is a title from a company that I don’t know, filled with names that I don’t know as creators. I do know pieces of the Mike Raicht portfolio.

This is a dark and moody horror comic offering. Opening in 1994 with a disassembled family and a suspected bear mauling.

The art is consistent throughout holding a moody view into a fantasy world of hairy beasts. The best part of the story, is that it’s shiny vampires or walking undead. Instead this is a creature tale suited to horror films of days gone by.

Issue #2 comes on in November. Consult your local comic shop about these. Discuss on the Pryde Forum. Check out for more information.

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