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Duck Tales#5 (+recap)-Review
Published on Monday, October 24, 2011 by

In case you’re just tuning in, Duck Tales is back.
After Duck Tale reprints, Darkwing Duck’s reprints, Darkwing Duck’s return and family friendly Disney Duck titles Duck Tales returned.

Duck Tales had more continuity than Darkwing Duck when it was on the air as a cartoon, but also had its padding of non-continuity shows. One of the drastic changes to the duck titles was giving Darkwing a continuous continuity from the Boom! mini series into the on going series. Within that structure, Scrooge McDuck and a few Duck Tales characters have already appeared.

But what is going on in Ducktales now?

Duck Tales #1 is mixture of adventure and greed on the part of Scrooge McDuck. Writer Warren Spector would make Karl Barks proud.

Duck Tales #2 picks up with Scrooge McDuck’s collection of exotic artifacts from around the world suddenly deported from the McDuck Museum back to their original locations! Wild repossession recall ensues as Scrooge, Launchpad, and the gang jet to the sites of McDuck’s most infamous adventures, in a bid to reclaim his whisked-away wealth and take on some restless natives along the way!

Duck Tales #3 Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad, and the gang continue their search for the McDuck Museum artifacts that have been mysteriously deported to their original locations! Who is behind the dastardly deportation? Does Donald Duck have the answer?

Duck Tales #4 It is the epic conclusion to “Rightful Owners” wherein Scrooge McDuck is on the brink of restoring his collection of returned rarities.

Duck Tales #5 kicks off a new arc and a new direction, bringing McDuck and the nephews into St. Canard.

This series capitalizes on everything that made Duck Tales great. It has action and adventure packed with zany characters on a madcap adventure.

It is important to catch up with the Ducks since Boom! is doing a Duck-verse cross-over. It begins in Duck Tales #5 and runs into Darkwing Duck. Make sure that you pick up both titles when you jump back into the quack pack tales. This is the perfect time to jump into both series of duck filled favorites. Warren Spector (Epic Mickey, Duck Tales) and James Silvani (Darkwing Duck) team up on writing duties to tug Launchpad in two different directions. Silvani does double dog duties dutifully drawing pages as well.

This series does not completely answer the pressing geographic questions of how close Duckberg is to St. Canard, but they are close enough that Scrooge McDuck controls assets in each yet far enough apart that he thought leaving Launchpad in control of Quakwerks was a good idea.

Anytime that a superhero reveals their identity it should be met with “this puny guy?” Excellent. McDuck is a brash fellow.

The league of Eve-Il will give the guys a run for their money. This issue is packed full of villains from the Beagles to Megavolt.

This series is fun for all ages.

Tune in the same duck channel, the same duck time, and see what you are missing. Check out Darkwing Duck #17 then a hop back into Duck Tales #6! Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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