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G.I. Joe ARAH #171-Review
Published on Monday, October 24, 2011 by

This arc demonstrates why Larry Hama is heralded as a master story teller. Historically Hama helped shape G.I. Joe which will always excite fans of the early Marvel Comics. When he returned to IDW’s story, picking up where he left off with Marvel, the fans rejoiced. Th story started strong. Then the Dark Snake Eyes story felt rushed and flat. Ninjas ninjas everywhere with an entire plot resolved by “he’s a ninja.”

In #170 Hama delved into two stories at once. He’s developing a back story for the new ninjas and he’s developing a story where Sneak Peek has been under cover looking for evidence of Darklon. Peek is being debriefed or interrogated while his intel is put into place. In Troynos’ review he said Hama was slowly but surely returning to full strength and full stride.

Issue #171 is Hama at full stride. It ends in the beginning of a Russian ninja civil war, but the majority of the issue focuses on Sneak Peek being debriefed while a team of Joes goes after Darklon. It is a neat spinning of the tale even with the convenient use of local resistance.

This is another strong dialogue issue.

S.L. Gallant is still my favorite Joe artist. Some of his less detailed Darklons look odd, and I’m not sure Darklon’s face should have any expression if it’s a Destro style mask, but otherwise it looks good. The color and shading is great. Colorist J. Brown and inker Gary Erskine both contribute to a great package.

Herb Trimpe, another noted name in Joe-land, is churning out nice covers.

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Looking at the January 2012 IDW solicitations a major ninja brawl is on the horizon. That isn’t surprising. Hama likes a ninja fight every few issues. Since the Hama-verse isn’t spinning Snake Eyes off into his own series, like the Civil War verse did, it is a sure bet that every other story arc will be Snake Eyes driven. Currently Snake Eyes and reformed Storm Shadow and Billy are working on the same side. They’ll have to lead the Russian ninjas. It will be curious to see who Hama calls in as reinforcements. Will it be Ninja Force? Probably.

Larry Hama (w) S L Gallant (a) Herb Trimpe, Gallant (c)

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are on the hunt, tracking down the members of the deadly Blue Ninja clan and bringing them to justice before they cause more harm to the Arashikage. But these adversaries may prove too difficult for the ninjas to face alone… it may be time to call in reinforcements! It’s a deadly ninja showdown in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #174, don’t miss it!

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