The GeeksverseKey of Z #1-Review

Key of Z #1-Review
Published on Monday, October 24, 2011 by

Released in print and digitally at the same time, Key of Z is an accessible comic thinking about the modern genre of comics and publication. It is also another zombie tale. The comic shop shelves are full of them.

Survival, humanity, inhumanity, unlikely friends. These themes have all been explored before.

If you’re reading for the loose story and detailed blood and gore then this comic is for you. Otherwise, it has most of the same ideas as other comics.

It is in color. The colors are well used. The gore pops off of the page. The shadows don’t appear to add much to the page.

This comic should earn bonus points for having a zombie Santa.

From the creators of THE AMORY WARS saga and KILL AUDIO comes a deadly new vision of New York City! The zombie apocalypse has transformed the city into two separate battle-hardened fiefdoms! And only one man, whose family has been ripped away from him, stands between these two warring factions. Wielding an artifact from the past that imbues him with a surprising power…find out what happens when he discovers THE KEY OF Z.

The artifact from the past with surprising power is surprising. Perhaps that would make the second issue of this fun to read. Otherwise this comic will slip into a pile of zombie comics that seem to be running together.

Check out the preview.

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