The GeeksverseDarkwing Duck #17-Review

Darkwing Duck #17-Review
Published on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 by

Picking up from Duck Tales #5, the cross over event continues in Darkwing Duck #17.

Boom! is doing a Duck-verse cross-over beginning in Duck Tales #5 and runs into Darkwing Duck #17, back to Duck Tales #6 and ending in Darkwing Duck #18. Warren Spector (Epic Mickey, Duck Tales) and James Silvani (Darkwing Duck) team up on writing duties to tug Launchpad in two different directions. Silvani does double dog duties dutifully drawing pages as well. Ian Brill (Darkwing Duck) edits together this project.

Scrooge and Darkwing go head to head with butting ideals in this second part of the story. Scrooge still seems full of greed and adventure lust. Darkwing has his bumbling ideals and loose plans. Interestingly, not much time is given to developing Donald’s triplets, instead they move completely in mass. Launchpad has to herd all of the younger characters in the book. During Launchpad wonders what would happen if he has to chose between his two best friends. Fenton’s inclusion in #5 set up the return of the one true Gizmoduck and a dark version of Gizmoduck this issue.

On the other-side, nearly every villain possible is crammed into this comic.

Stan Lee and 1821 need to take notice because this is how an all age comic should be done. It has a continuity but it is accessible. It is full of action and comedy. Robert Kirkman and Super Dinosaur need to take note as well because this all ages book really does appeal to all ages. The writing is snappy and fun with a more complex vocabulary set than Super Dinosaur.

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