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Cobra #6
Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Costa
Art by: Werther Dell'edera
Colored by: Arianna Florean
Lettered by: Neil Uyetake
Cover Art: A- David Williams w/ Kelsey Shannon; B- Antonio Fuso w/ Arianna Florean; C- Robert Atkins w/ Mark Roberts
Editor: Carlos Guzman

I like the way this issue opens, taking the familiar “I will not be Cobra Commander” and changing it around. This issue focues on Steeler, aka Thomas Stall. Those are two names familiar to long time Joe fans, but never used together. It’s interesting that Costa combined the two and I wonder if it wasn’t more to get fans going/talking about the spy being Steeler before it was revealed to be Stall, who has always been a traitor in Joe lore. If that’s the case it worked out great.

Costa ties into the Hearts And Minds mini-series, using that as the origin of Stall and explaining why he’s working for Cobra. The reasons fit with the character of Stall as created in the filecards, thinking highly of himself and jealous of others getting what he thinks he should. In the filecard it was his brother Dwight (the Joe member Barrel Roll) that he was jealous of, but the motivation works perfectly here.

What Costa gives us is a cat and mouse game. We see Stall performing his duties for Cobra and Firewall with Chameleon trying to track down the Cobra mole. We only get the start of the game, but it should prove to be a good one as Stall knows the ins and outs of the operation as well as the building itself and the women don’t even have a clue who it is.

We’re also introduced to an old Joe for the first time. This Lady Jaye seems like she combines various bits from all her incarnations, including Renegades. Having her be the Master Of Arms is an interesting use as well, considering she’s always been an intelligence operative. If she gets her javelins next issue I’ll be a happy camper.

Costa continues to bring us a very tense thriller. Focusing on the bad side of things gives the book a different feel then anything else out there right now.

Dell’Edera is a worthy fill-in for Antonio Fuso. Each give the book a different feel and edge well being somewhat different styles.

Cobra #6 receives
4.5 out of 5

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