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Guarding the Globe #6
Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by

Please let it stop. I was a rabid fan of this spin off mini series when it was first unleashed. Astounding Wolfman was nearing its end. Tech Jacket had come and gone, and I just wanted more from my Robert Kirkman fix. This spin off miniseries seemed like a great idea. It started strong and way back in October we were all still excited. By the fourth issue in May we were losing interest but it was still okay. It was a nice addition to the Invincible lore. Now when I think about it, I just want it to end. That’s when I think about it. Usually, I don’t think about it at all.

That’s probably not fair to the script and has nothing to do with the actual story. In fact the story is still tight,but this is an example of slow production scheduling making even rabid fans want to stop.

I still miss Astounding Wolfman and his corner of the Invincible-Image Universe. I should have been ready to pick up #6 wanting to see a glimpse of a character that I enjoy, but I wasn’t.

In fact, I didn’t want to read this issue at all. I even doubted if it would be released. Have you seen this issue?

This mini series lasted longer than G.I. Joe Renegades?

The delays made Tony Moore’s long and brief stint on Walking Dead look snappy.

This miniseries concluding book is not the end of the team, but instead this big fight book becomes a launching point for the team to take a stand. It is a fight heavy book with the good guys at a disadvantage.

I wish they’d not released this issue. I’m bothered by the deceleration that GGs are here to stay. As a recurring part of the Invincible supporting cast then more the merrier. I hope that they don’t release another miniseries unless they can deliver it in a timely manner.

This issue should not have been released. Instead they should have stuck it in a trade paperback without the serial release. As a whole this story is probably fairly good. Beneito Cereno and Robert Kirkman have probably crafted a nice piece of lore, but strung out across the year it is hard to follow. Production pacing issues are not the same as story pacing issues.

But, please, let it stop.

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