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Pilot Season: The Beauty #1-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by

Another entry into the competition to have a mini-series released from Top Cow in Pilot Season 2011. Jeremy Haun, John Rauch, and Jason A. Hurley bring a tale about disease run a muck and social pressures…and STDs.

The issue opens with a necessary bit of forced exposition to catch the reader up. Recently, in their world, a particular strain of an STD has transformed the population. It is a quick catch up so that reader is properly oriented in the science-fiction aspect of the tale. In three pages they change the reader’s understanding about STDs and set up external conflict for the piece of literature.

The STD also helps explain why the people are overwhelmingly beautiful, men fit, and women slightly top heavy. It seems to play well with the visual tropes of the comic genre. Is this meta-fiction, twisting the reader into a discussion of the art form? Probably not, a woman explodes on a subway and keeps the reader from pondering deeply for long.

The goal of this book is complicated. To be successful, it must be a stand alone story that could later be developed into a mini series. It must be neither too final nor too linked. The Beauty, like other titles, does not succeed at both. The crime element of this book makes it feel like you’ve flipped off CSI 45 minutes to the show and won’t know what happened.

The Beauty also has a sneak peek at the next Pilot Season title, Misdirection. The peek is enticing. I like this season being linked trying to hold the audience throughout. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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