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Avengers Academy #20
Published on Thursday, October 27, 2011 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Christos Gage
Penciled by: Tom Raney
Inked by: Scott Hanna
Colored by: Jeromy Cox
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: Billy Tan w/ Leonardo Olea
Assistant Editors: John Dennings & Jake Thomas
Editor: Bill Rosemann

Fear Itself is ending and so is the first era of Avengers Academy as this issue changes the status quo of the book. A student leaves, a couple teachers leave, the school gets a new location and some new students.

And this issue highlights one of my biggest issues with the book and that is the pacing and development really didn’t create much of a connection to the students and faculty of the Avengers Academy. When two of the teachers announce they are leaving, I found myself not caring because there hadn’t been much development with them anyways. They were barely touched upon, and not enough to form a connection between them and the school aspects of the book.

The students are developed, but to an extent. The book has been out for 20 issues and yet I still feel like we don’t really know them all that well. The book is well written, but the connections from the reader to the characters aren’t fully established.

The end of the issue, the new direction of the book, bringing on more students, is something I’ve thought the book has needed for a long time. I never understood restricting it to just the six kids. Never made sense to me. Sure these are ones that Osborn tortured and the Avengers feared them becoming villians, but that isn’t a solid reason for restricting it to just those kids when there are so many teenage heroes out in the MU that could benefit from time at the Academy. Really shouldn’t have waited 20 issues to bring in more students.

I’m surprised at the student that’s leaving and where she’s going. Her reasons for leaving make sense, but where she chooses to go doesn’t. It doesn’t seem to fit with whats been shown of her character so far and it’s obvious that she’s not gone for good. In fact, it’s starting to remind me of an old New Warriors storyline from when Fabian Nicieza was writing it.

Overall I’ve enjoyed Avengers Academy and this is a good end-of-storyline issue, where things get settled and new directions are laid, but I just wish that more of a connection had been made with the characters that I would care that they were leaving.

I’ve always enjoyed Raney’s art since his Stormwatch days but his was not his strongest issue. There were some good panels here and there, but overall it had a rushed looked and feel to most of it.

Avengers Academy #20 receives
3.5 out of 5

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