The GeeksverseThe Sixth Gun #16

The Sixth Gun #16
Published on Friday, October 28, 2011 by

Published by: Oni Press
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Brian Hurtt
Letters: Douglas E. Sherwood
Colors: Bill Crabtree
Cover Art: Brian Hurtt w/ Bill Crabtree
Editor: Charlie Chu

Most books when there’s a major revelation there comes fanfare or something to announce that a special moment happens in that issue. Not The Sixth Gun. I guess the revelation may not be that big, but it does help solidify why Gord is an important member of the cast.

Bunn does some interesting things with flashbacks in this issue. We get two of them, one by Gord and a sort-of flashback by Becky. Each one is important in it’s own way and each is radically different from the other and from the way flashbacks are normally handled. And both are disturbing in their own way.

Becky’s is heartbreaking as the gun allows her to see into the past and communicate with her dead father. The heartbreaking part is that he’s in the past communicating with her in the future. We see her as a young girl and realize what it means that he know nows she has the gun in the future. What a burden her father takes on and has to deal with, knowing what is to come and not being able to prevent it.

Gord’s is disturbing in that he knows he’s seeing the spirits of his dead wife and children and at the same time has to watch as their deaths happen again. His importance to the story is shown in this issue and we get the first look at the origin of the guns.

Bunn does a great job crafting the two storylines. At no point was it hard to follow. It might, and should have been, hard to keep track of with the shifts in perspective of Becky’s flashback and Gord’s never indicating differently what was vision and what was real. But Bunn handles it perfectly. They move fluidly and with a good pace.

Hurtt’s art helps alot. The duo work well together. Hurtt lays out the pages perfectly to help the flow of the story. His character work is strong. Background characters are easily recognizable, even when the only other time we see them is as deadmen. His young Becky is excellant. He does a good job and we can see how she would grow up into the young woman we know.

The Sixth Gun #16 receives
4.5 out of 5

This series started out great and gets better every issue.

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