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Tim Seeley is Wanted in the UK
Published on Friday, October 28, 2011 by

Tim Seeley is no stranger to comic fans…American comic fans. He’s done his time trotting around promoting [url=]his work for Image[/url], Dark Horse, [url=]Marvel comics[/url], and beyond.

Now, UK fans want Tim Seeley to live up to his Tweeting, and come across for a visit. Hack/Slash Inc., the definitive Seeley site, has an editorial about why and how Tim Seeley needs to appear in the UK.

The picture they’re using makes it seem like a really good idea.
If Seeley heads to the UK then someone needs to cosplay this picture in honor of the appearance. Good luck with the body paint to look black and white.

Because it seems like a fun idea, I’ve decided that KittysPryde should help ratchet the pressure too. So wer’re borrowing this post.

Let’s Get Tim Seeley An Appearance In The UK!

(Editor’s Note – The following is a guest commentary by Asa Wheatley.)

If you are reading this site then you definitely know who Tim Seeley is, there is no question about it.

I’m sure a lot of you have also had the chance to meet him and get a sketch or a signed book at cons or a signing at a local store. That is if you live in America as I am sure the majority of the readership of this site do. But there are comic fans outside of the US and more importantly there are Hack/Slash and Tim Seeley fans waiting across the pond.

While there are nowhere near as many conventions in the UK as there are in the US, with the introduction of Kapow! Comic Con earlier this year and Thought Bubble reaching it’s 5th year this November the quality of the Cons, Panels and appearance’s have greatly improved, yet still no Tim Seeley.

I asked him (and when I say asked I mean nervously tweeted him once or twice) about why he hasn’t come over to the UK yet he tweeted “I would love to go to the UK! If a store or Con asks, I will go!”

He said it, so let’s make it happen. To all those who live in the UK and want Tim Seeley to get down to your local store or a Con this is your chance to get him here. And to all the fans who have had the chance to meet him already then help out your fellow fans in this feat of fandom. Everyone has to get involved, speak to your local store, contact the conventions in the UK and when you tweet about it use the hashtag #TimSeeleyInTheUK. There is no time like the present so as soon as you are done reading this get to tweeting and contacting whoever you can. The more support the better and if there is enough I shall arrange a mass tweeting event in the near future.

So let’s get Tim Seeley an appearance in the UK!

Asa Wheatley is a aspiring film maker and comic book writer. You can follow him on Twitter at @AsaWheatley and watch some of his short films at his company’s Youtube and Vimeo.

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