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Published on Saturday, October 29, 2011 by

Making comic culture creations out of wood SpandexSplinters brings a unique product to the comic market. Each of the unique, hand-crafted designs is created by the hands of an artisan playing. He can varnish, paint, or sell naked your favorite hero in wood. Check out his work on his website. It is truly a unique collectible experience. Available on Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

Being a mild-mannered husband/father/toilet plunger can be enough for some people, but when one is married to an insanely creative spouse, there is a need to branch out. Dan Willner had tried many things. Bonsai, failed. Learn guitar, failed. Gardening, mild success. Growing a beard, major success! Still it wasn’t enough. He was more into destroying than building, but was given a task to build a piece of furniture. The task was successfully completed and he actually enjoyed it! This lead to picking up a block of wood and a carving knife and he hasn’t put it down yet.

There was one passion that Dan had that has never left him, comic books. Superheroes have been at the fore front of his life since he was ten years old. Soon he had gotten the idea to mash his two passions together. He would take over the world by carving superhero heads! Since the inception of Spandex Splinters, Dan has been carving for hours every evening experimenting with what heroes translate well to wood.

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