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Webseries: 40 To GO
Published on Saturday, October 29, 2011 by

Sexy women and guns in 40 To Go is blasting through Facebook and their own Website.

’40 To Go’ is an action adventure, urban thriller of two female assassin’s seeking to find and eliminate 40 of the cities most ruthless mob bosses using a unique animation method pioneered by Marvel Comics called ‘motion comics’, where detailed art portray limited motion to convey a riveting story. 40 To Go, while with a thrilling backdrop, touches various topics through the length of the series particularly missing and abused children, various inner-city topical issues and the quest to change and better one’s life. Not a children’s program, nor a hardcore adult series, 40 To Go is designed as a weekly, intelligent action drama online with depth of character.

It is pushing the boundaries of a webcomic by adding motion. Webcomic meets webisodes.

Of course they are looking for help.

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