The GeeksverseFlashback Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #18

Flashback Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #18
Published on Sunday, October 30, 2011 by

A recent picture of custom Punishers conveniently came to my attention the same weekend I picked up Guardians of the Galaxy in a quarter bin at Pop Swap.Synergy. The cover and low price sold me on this comic.

Punished. The cover has a corp of Punisher devotees in the 31st century of Marvel Comics.

According to the first page, which uses a narration to catch the reader up overly conveniently, The streets are overrun by gangs of youths, addicted to a hypnotic and addictive version of TV. The youths have become gangs living out the action that should stay on a TV screen. It is an army of Frank Castle devotees who learned about him from documentaries that want continue the work.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, four remaining members, and new temporary partners are pitted against the Punisher corps.

The situation reminds me of the Jokerz on Batman Beyond. Or the Thorites from the 2099 universe if you need a Marvel reference.

Stan Lee Presents
Steve Montano- his ink line never sways!
Ken Lopez-he lettered it in a blaze!
Evelyn Stein-she colored it without getting crazed!
Craig anderson- he tried to make sense of this maze!
Tom DeFalco- whom none of this seems to faze!
Jim Valentino-hey, it’s cheaper than giving him a raise!

This 1991 comic, still just a buck at retail, is full of variously configured non-Punishers. It could be great custom fodder for anyone that is building a Punisher collection including a fantasy futuristic Punisher tank. Punisher General has a nice Crossbones style skull head on a large body in particular.

The story…has thick looking characters with a variety of shapes, sizes, and flaming bits. These are not straight adaptations of the current Marvel Roster, like most of 2099, but instead creative imaginings. This group saw over 60 issues of action and adventure in the 90s. This issue introduces Talon, a character that recurs for the majority of the run, including some side switching. That might be notable to some.

The story… it has a nice cover.

I suppose this is a fun romp if you’re following the near What-If crew. It isn’t quite Exiles. Perhaps because I only have a single out of sequence issue pulled from a cheap bin, this doesn’t seem to have the story development of the more recent Exiles. Reality bending comics can show the flaws in comic continuity and be a sort of self-satire. The futuristic setting works against that, although it does apply a future to the continuity. Unlike Time Storm, this comic seems to have a future which is a plus, even if that future ended in the early 90s. It will be as unnotable as Chaos War, but Guardians of the Galaxy did have some fun covers.

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