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Sonic Universe #33-Review
Published on Monday, October 31, 2011 by

#33 goes beyond the Sega games featuring the beginning of a new arc following rogue battle birds. The last page of #32 had set up the jump from a green hedgehog and friends to rogue battle birds. This story picks up with “Babylon Rising.” This story arc is not penned by Ian Flynn, but by Tracy Yardley instead. Still a great issue, readable by children, adults, and Sonic fans and non-fans alike.

For all of the details, including spoilers, check out the Archie Sonic encyclopedia.

This is how a kids of all ages book should read. It is vibrant with colorful characters. Each character has distinct personalities and traits that translate well through the dialogue and postures. The story is followable through a definite story arc without being afraid to reference events from the far flung past.

Like Marvel Adventures Spiderman, Sonic U #33 is a well executed comic. Archie Comics has perfected all ages book even if the company is often over looked by comic book store regulars. Stan Lee, Robert Kirkman, and others wanting to take a stab at carving into the all ages niche need to take note. As other nostalgic product lines “grow up” to court the same readers now older than they were in 82, it is nice to see a product that can maintain its all ages identity and be fun.

The Babylonian Rogues back story is developed in this issue. Like the last story-arc, this is a team book of odd balls and misfits. The main characters are joy riding around on hover boards that an older Marty McFly would have understood. Despite the technology, this comic still has plenty of mythology, including the merger of technology and mythology with a hologram genie.

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