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Hawk & Dove #1 & 2-Review
Published on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by

When DC resets the universe some characters are assured a place in the new lineup, while others are surprising revivals. Superman, Wonder Woman, and anything with the prefix Bat seems assured to see comic covers in every reboot. Hawk & Dove was surprising. This is a title that could been left out without drawing attention to itself. The inclusion has caused some stir. The titular characters have a smaller fan base than the merchandise supported Superman and Batman.

Hawk & Dove #1 was lumped into Quick Thoughts. The review was less than positive.

Written by: Sterling Gates
Art by: Rob Liefeld

The story carries over some elements from Brightest Day, mostly Dove’s relationship with Deadman. For an avatar of peace, keeping secrets from her partner doesn’t seem like something Dove would do. It’s hinted that they’ve been working together for awhile, but it doesn’t come across that way. It comes across as if they’ve just started working as a team.

Which is again the weirdness of the relaunch creeping up.

Liefeld’s art at his worst.

I see this as being one of the first casualties. I know I won’t be picking up the second issue.

Hawk & Dove #1 received a poor overall score from Troynos.

Early expectations here on the Pryde put this as not more of the same but still one of the first titles that will be cancelled.

Hawk & Dove #2 has been reviewed by a forum contributor as part of his second issue round up. Pryde forum member, thedeenslist, was similarly bothered by the first issue of Hawk and Dove. He is self-admittedly, a Hawk and Dove fanatic, a fan that is now disappointed by the relaunch. Fans of the characters should be happy to see them back in the funny pages, not disappointed by the monikers being cowled onto farcical representations.

Thedeenslist, was disappointed by the villains in issue 2. In particular, The Osprey, which is only good becase of what happens to him?

But the first enemies you’re going to give Hawk and Dove are pallet swap versions of themselves? Pallet swaps with two of the dumbest names in the history of comics. The question of why becomes more pronounced when you remember that Hawk and Dove already had a fantastic villain with Kestrel, a much better lookin and sadistic version of Hawk. He seems to have been left behind and replaced with the Condor. C’est la vie but adding all that together and throw in Rob Liefeld’s artwork and I had to send Hawk and Dove back to the preserve and off my list. Liefeld still draws as if it’s 1992 when his stuff was popular. But he still has no sense of anatomy proportion and the only change that I do see is that he has managed to make his characters feet a tad bigger than he normally did. Improvement, sure.

Overall, Liefeld has never been a talent in my book and if the title does continue I predict that eventually you will get the Liefeld lag time and that will kill this book.

Another prediction that this book will end in cancellation. Can this series make it all the way to the end of the story arc before it is dispensed or will the team of Rob Liefeld and Sterling Gates find the chemistry to reignite the fandom?

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