The GeeksverseJack Avarice Is The Courier #1

Jack Avarice Is The Courier #1
Published on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Everything by: Chris Madden
Editor: Tom Waltz

Apparently Chris Madden will be doing a new Danger Girl series soon. I’m not sure what I think about that. This issue/series is a good way to judge how he’d handle Danger Girl because they are similar types of comics.

And that’s what I’m kind of worried about. This book has a tone that I don’t think Danger Girl has. Danger Girl has always had a lighter tone for a spy book, but not over-the-top like this book is. And I’ll get to the art in a minute.

There’s alot to like about Jack Avarice and alot not to like about it.

The likes are pretty simple, it’s a fun book. It’s obvious that Madden is having alot of fun working on this book. It’s a traditional spy book done in a non-traditional way. All the cliches are there and Madden has fun with them. When Jack takes over next issue, it’ll be interesting to see how Madden handles the “rookie/normal person as superspy” idea, which is another standard cliche.

The dislikes are fairly rampant and somewhat coincide with the likes. Alot of what makes the book fun is also a hindrance. There really isn’t anything really all that new in this story. It’s been seen and done before. The slacker becoming the superspy isn’t a new concept. And I caught a couple of negative stereotypes in the story. The dialogue of some of the terrorists and the russian in the bar was pretty dreadful. Very cliched.

It’s hard to place this book as alot of what made it enjoyable is also a negative. Madden does show some talent though. There’s some nice pacing with the russians conversation with Jack and how it intersects with things going on with the Fox. That was nice and shows a strong grasp of storytelling and pacing by Madden.

The biggest thing I didn’t like about this issue, and why I’m not that excited about Madden doing Danger Girl, was the art. Yes, there is a HUGE J. Scott Campbell influence here, which I hope had nothing to do with the Danger Girl gig. Madden’s art looks like a looser lined Campbell. The same shape of the face and features, it’s a Campbell base.

But Madden’s linework is alot looser. It’s too loose in alot of places, looking very unfinished and rough. A couple panels were really bad on how loose the pencil work was. And there were too many lines in the faces of the characters. It was distracting.

Madden could have really benefited from an inker. That would have helped the artwork a ton.

Jack Avarice Is The Courier #1 receives
3 out of 5

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