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Marvel Adventures Spiderman #19
Published on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 by

This issue is in the tradition of the previous issues, pun heavy, one shot stories, with two stories per issue. This is an all ages book that can appeal to all ages. It is reminiscent of the pun heavy, fun loving, Peter Parker of days of yore. He is still clearly a young man trying to find his way as a street level superhero, except when he is hurtled into space and merged to be half of a two headed Silver Surfer.

Marvel Adventures Spiderman is a collection of one shot short stories, yet completely different from the adult Spiderman in Avenging Spiderman because Marvel Adventures is an all ages tale. This comic is full of young kids being assisted by superheros in non-threatening ways. That is not to say it is not fun and creative.

The first story, and cover image, in #19 is a team up with Silver Surfer and Spiderman. Spidey accidentally swaps powers with the former herald and struggles with it. Luckily the Surfer is willing to team up into a two headed hero and help out. The story resolves into a game of softball and heading home with a little girl for supper.

The second story is another Sinister Six classic character, Kraven, hunting Spiderman in a cubicle jungle. This episode has the most groan worthy jokes, including Spiderman defeating Kraven with a phone. This episode is also the most creative in page layout.

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