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Fly #5
Published on Thursday, November 3, 2011 by

Published by: Zenescope
Written by: Raven Gregory
Illustrated by: Eric J
Colors: Michael Garcia
Letters: CRANK!
Cover Art: A- Eric J w/ Michael Garcia; B- Ale Garza w/ Ivan Nunes

Editor: Raven Gregory & Ralph Tedesco

This ends the first volume of Fly. It’s been a decent series with some interesting things, but it’s definately an odd way to end it. It feels like it needs more. Which is the way that you want to end a mini-series that will be having a second volume, you want to leave the reader wanting more, wanting to come back. You want to end on a cliffhanger. But in the lead up to that cliffhanger there’s resolution to alot of the story points. Fly #5 lacks that resolution.

The story does lead to a confrontation between Eddie and Danielle. And in a way that conflict is resolved and it does lead into what should be the storyline of the second volume. But the end result just feels lacking, unfinished, unresolved. It’s too neat. All that build-up and it just ends like it does. Four and a half issues of decent comic book stories and the last half just wraps up too quickly.

I feel like I did at the end of the last episode of Lost. All that build-up and the end result was that? I feel kind of cheated.

That’s not to say that Fly #5 isn’t good, because it is. It just could have been better. Maybe a sixth issue would have helped? Or even better, not stopping the series and continuing in a second volume. If the story continued, the feel of this story might be different. But instead we get the end and it feels lacking.

I hate when a series does the volume thing for no reason, and I can’t see why Fly is doing it. Make it a series of mini-series if the intention is to do a new volume every couple of issues. But follow the mini-series rules and have a beginning, middle and end. You can still have a cliffhanger but there needs to be an end to the mini-series and that is what Fly #5 is lacking.

Eric J’s art is decent. He does a great job with Danielle, showing the signs of addiction and withdrawal. I like the contrast in art between the flashbacks and the present. The present art has a dirty and hard quality to it, dark, reflecting the tone of that period. The past has a lighter and more innocent art style, reflecting the good times before things went bad. He has a good grasp of storytelling and his art is highly detailed. The character of Mary was a bit odd though, I couldn’t determine her age. She seemed young and old at the same time.

Fly #5 receives
3.5 out of 5

What was a solid mini-series is hurt by the lack of a solid ending.

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