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Stormwatch #3
Published on Thursday, November 3, 2011 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Miguel Sepulveda
Colored by: Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Cover Art: Sepulveda w/ Sinclair
Assistant Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
Editor: Pat McCallum

This is a hard title to evaluate. Parts of it aren’t strong because we were dropped into the middle of the book. It didn’t have a true beginning, like most of the New 52 books, and that makes it difficult to get into parts of it. Right off the bat we’re shown some dissension in the ranks with some of the members not liking Adam-One’s leadership. And to be honest, I can agree with them. He comes across as a little too jittery, flightly and not quite in control. Harry Tanner on the otherhand is a complete mystery. He comes across as totally in control, but there’s a hint of chaos under the surface.

These two characters, along with the Projectionist who has only had a handful of sentences, highlight the hard part of this book. Without prior knowledge the foundation that the reader has to stand on is shifting and not very sturdy. It’s not a completey new reader friendly book.

But it is starting to get stronger and this latest issue shows that. We’ve had a couple of issues with this group and more of the personalities and characterizations are starting to show through. In a way, even though the plot is speeding up, Cornell has been able to slow down and help us get into the characters more.

The story itself is extremely fast, blink and you might miss it. The big bad is apparently slain quickly. Killing the moon should be a bigger moment then it ends up being, but it does fit into the pacing of the issue. It gives the book a frantic energy, like the world is only a breath away from being destroyed. And at the same time, the lack of concern that Stormwatch shows, gives the reader the impression that this is just part of their daily routine.

I absolutely loved the way Cornell portrayed Jack Hawksmoor’s communicating with the cities, giving each city an avatar that represents it. That was brillant. I’ve always liked Hawksmoor and seeing a manifestation of his abilities was great. I can’t wait to see how Cornell represents the rest of the cities in the world. The choice for Gotham was fantastic.

Right now this book barely sets foot in the DCU proper and I want to see more of how it connects with the world at large. Mentions of the Justice League aren’t enough, the book really needs to cement it’s connection to the DCU.

Sepulvada’s art is getting better with each issue as well. There’s a Perez feel to his work. He can definately draw the big moments that a book like this calls for. The first issue it seemed he was trying to settle on a style and it looks like he’s found one. It works very well for the book.

Stormwatch #3 receives
4 out of 5

The book started off a little rocky but it seems to be finding it’s stride.

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