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ThunderCats Book 1
Published on Thursday, November 3, 2011 by

Thundercats Season 1 Book 1…I have to admit I didn’t see this coming. When I was cruising through my local Wal-Mart, I didn’t expect to find a DVD release of Thundercats yet. It seems as if the show is still on-going, and seems like quite the rush to the shelf. That isn’t a bad thing, but I will admit that I was surprised. has a little info on the release, but basically they are relating what can be read on the back of the DVD. Lion-O, threat, Mumm-Ra, Sword of Omens…check. If you’re watching the series then all of this seems straight forward. If you’re not, then perhaps it is enticing. Apparently this was released in early October, but only recently showed up on Wal-Mart shelves in my area.

TVShowsonDVD also has the official press release. Warner Home Video has announced that the new 2011 series is coming home with Thundercats – Season 1, Book 1 on October 18th. The 2-disc package will cost $19.97 SRP and contain the first 8 episodes: “Omens, Part One”, “Omens, Part Two”, “Ramlak Rising”, “Song of the Petalars”, “Old Friends”, “Journey to the Tower of Omens”, “Legacy” and “The Duelist and the Drifter”. Voice cast includes Will Friedle (Kim Possible’s “Ron Stoppable”) as Lion-O, Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage), Madeleine Hall, Matthew Mercer, Eamon Pirruccello, and Clancy Brown (Lost, Starship Troopers, Carniv├ále, Green Lantern, Jackie Chan Adventures, SpongeBob SquarePants’ “Mr. Crabs”, and “Lex Luthor” in Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited).

Overall this is a fairly common stripped down DVD release. It has no frills or whistles beyond being an archive of the TV show’s first episodes. It contains the first part of the series as one probably expected from a kid’s show DVD. I’m annoyed by volume 1 and volume 2 releases, but apparently they work well enough to keep putting them out. Batman Beyond did eventually see season releases and a box set. Gargoyles season 2 volume 2 was never released because of poor sales on the first volume. Sliders has released the first four seasons but not the fifth. Biker Mice From Mars has yet to release most of the original episodes, and none of the newer episodes, state side. Storm Hawks saw an out of order episode release scattered across several different DVD sets, like the original Batman Beyond releases. So, it could be worse.

Heck, we’ve waited 20 years for M.A.S.K., Captain Power, and part of the G.I. Joe to find its way on DVD. I suppose end of the year service on the new ThunderCats should never be knit-picked.

The original MSRP of 19.99 seems a bit high for 8 episodes and no special features, but my local Wal-Mart already had it discounted by the first of November when they stocked the shelves with it. If it gets cheap enough it will then become cool enough. At the moment, I’m hoping we’ll see a special feature heavy release. I’ve long since believed that all DVDs should be mandated to use the disc space with special features.

This is a fun show that we’ve consistently reviewed favorably on the Pryde discussion board. This would be a great one shot entry point for checking out the beginning of the season.

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