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Twisted Dark Vol 1
Published on Saturday, November 5, 2011 by

Twisted Dark Vol 1
The most common trend in comics is the material; super heroes, crime fighters, zombies and so forth. Once in a blue moon one will come across something totally different. This is the case with Twisted Dark. This book consists of short stories that deal with the darker side of human life. Neil Gibson has done an incredible job in telling stories that captivates the reader and immerses one in a place unsought of. Twisted Dark borders horror but with a real human element in the stories.

There is one story in-particular that I stood out. With the events of 9/11, many people have wondered why another human would do such atrocities; A lighter Note and a Heavenly Note indulges into the mindset of an individual who transforms into the monsters we see today. This story deals with one seeking power and another using power. The two stories are connected but not told back-to-back. This worked well with the flow as it gave the reader time to absorb the first story. I found myself reading these two stories several times before I finished the book.

The one thing I want in any book is a good story. Neil delivers on all counts and I am hooked. I do hope he explores more with Twisted Dark and continues to tell compelling stories that are edgy. The feel of the book and art seem to flow with his stories and it works fantastically. Each story seems to have different art directions but it works. I would love to keep this book but I feel I must pass it on to someone else so they can experience this wonderful story telling by an individual who truly enjoys his work.

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