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The War of Independents #1
Published on Sunday, November 6, 2011 by

Everything you want in one spot? That seems to be the unspoken claim of the covers and splash pages crowded with independent characters.

At the forefront of this reality bending comic is Cerebus and some notable mages bringing together a group of oddballs to confront a threat to all realities.

Created by Dave Ryan, story and mot of the art.
Richard Kane Ferguson, Franchesco, Mariano Nicieza, Richard Dominguez, John Higgins, and Peter Palmiotti also helping out on the art duties on some panels.
Wilson Ramos Jr and Lawrence John Hansen on colors and letters.

Dave Ryan and crew are putting together a four part mini series mashup. Information can be found sprinkled all over the internet since fans will spot many of their favorite independent characters pulled together.
Checking out your favorite character’s web presence might show you where they’ll be popping up. CBR interviewed Dave Ryan about the project earlier in October. Ryan revealed that the self-funded project has been in the works for a while.

What exactly is “War of the Independents” and where did this idea come from?

A few years ago, I was taken aback by the continual flooding of events in comics and a dwindling of independent titles. I toyed with the idea of doing something to counter the deluge and shed a little light on an ever-shrinking indie market, so I gave a few close creator friends a call to see what they thought and if they’d be into it. The concept grew and developed into a huge indie crossover, which I hope will be fun, action-packed and give the reader an opportunity to become familiar with, or at least aware of, some of the incredible creativity that’s out there in the indie market.

How do you go from this idea of using a lot of independent characters in one story to actually getting in touch with people, asking to use their characters and dealing with the obvious legal issues?

Every creator was contacted individually by myself and respectfully asked if they wished to participate or not. If they gave an OK, a form had to be signed. It took a while to get all the forms signed, as you might imagine, but everything is ready to go now.

Long process since the poster advertizes this as 2008, but came out this month 2011 to comic shop shelves. The comic did appear at NYCC.

Check out the special prequel to the War featuring Captain Action, Phazer, and a host of characters. Red Zone Comics keeps Golden Age Comic Characters alive like the Erik Larsen oversized projects. The next installment will be out in December.

The first installment is a swirl of coming together and action. The reality bending comic brings together a ton of characters that I knew and did not know. Neither were explained well on their own. This comic reads like Where’s Waldo with only slightly more story. However, the evil is established as a threat. The art is more consistent than one would imagine given the variety of pens at work. Overall it is a fun $2.99 gimmick that should help increase awareness of characters not everyone will know.

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