The GeeksverseStatic Shock #3-Review

Static Shock #3-Review
Published on Monday, November 7, 2011 by

This week Static Shock is a colorful addition to the DC line up.Static is having the inevitable show down with the colorful gang and Virile in this issue. The alternate side of Static is trying to fit in as a detective undercover at school. He has yet to make any real friends in NY as Virgil. Virgil at home is dealing with his doubled sister. It is a title that is changing for the better in the new 52.

This is ultimately a big bad villain show down setting the tone for the pace of this book that has been establishing Virile and the gang for the past two books. The fight is far from over. Virile was begging Static to help him divide and replicate. Static, unaware, gave Virile what he wanted. That will come back to haunt him soon.

This DC book still has touches of Spiderman. Static is the new kid at school and on the Manhattan superhero block. His classmates and police don’t understand him. That is not a negative, just a curious way for the tropes to pop up familiarly. Static also dangles an informant from a building which seems to be standard fodder of most superheros. This is still a book trying to find its feet and its individuality, but is writing a decent comic along the way. It is interesting to see the particulars in this story and with Static’s powers in context of the familiar tropes.

#3, Scuffle in the Skyline, is a fun fast issue. The puppet string pulling villains are missing overall in this comic. The mysterious woman that fans are suspecting as a built in reset button to the continuity has yet to make an appearance. That is not a problem at all.

While appropriate for older children, like Darkwing Duck and other fine titles, this is a title that still appeals to adults too.

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