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Full Moon Feature (pt 3)
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Werewolves, vampires, motorcycles, bongs, women and other horror elements. Full Moon Features, and Charles Band, is more than just puppets. As discussed in the part 1 and 2 have been cranking out movies for years. Focusing on straight to DVD and Blu-Ray cult classics with more overall consistency than The Asylum.

Meridian (1990) is a romantic werewolf movie. Set in Italy this is a voodoo spin on the werewolf tale. Two friends return to Italy after college graduation. One is continuing her studies by helping to restore art for a local church. The other is reclaiming her family castle. A traveling show, with a long history, impresses the friends all the way from the stage to the bedroom. This film has no gore but it does have a complicated tale of false faces and transformations joined by copious coupling. Meridian is one of the first Full Moon films directed by Charles Band. It uses great sets in exotic locations to provide a new twist on fairy tale mirrored in art.

This film is more complicated than some werewolf stories because it separates the monster from the beast. Two twin brothers share a curse and an obsession with ladies of one particular Italian castle. One is the monster. The other is the beast. This division helps make the romance plausible but also places the female protagonist in the middle of a century old mystery. It is also racier than Teen Wolf movies or TV show.

Decadent Evil & Decadent Evil II showcase vampires the way straight to videos did before the Twilight craze. These movies don’t have shiny vampires that are stuck in high school perpetually. These movies have vampire strippers and a midget Van Helsing. This clearly establishes a variety of vampire species of the same animal which means endless variety. Both films are continuation of the same stories. can fill in pre and post production notes. Essentially this movie is a reason to showcase stripper vampires and stripper victims. ‘Nuff said. Surprisingly interwoven is a family story, a love story, and strippers.

Many of the Charles Band films run between the 70-90 minute marks which seems acceptable on straight to DVD movies. In this case Decadent Evil is barely 70 minutes long. The first 10 minutes recaps Band’s earlier film The Vampire Journals with voiceover setting up the history of the vampire clan. The family heritage recapped may tie into the clan forefronted by the movie, but if so then it is not clear. The effect of the 10 minute extension is to make Decadent Evil feel more like a sequel than it truly may be. Or perhaps it is film padding. Either way Decadent Evil has plenty of boobs and near naked female bodies without any male nudity getting in the way.

The hypothesis that vampire films present an impotent sexuality with all oral fixation and no copulation is worth pondering within this film. Only two characters are shown in sex and they are in love. The other lusts fall short of full climax despite the kinky build ups.

Evil Bong is a stoner horror movie. While stoner films do not usually capture my attention as comedies, this one worked as at least a parody of a horror movie. has the Tommy Chong DVD cover and fuller description. Essentially, if you picture Tommy Chong rolling Hot Wheels across strippers funny then this is the film for you. Chong’s role in the film is pivotal and small.

Essentially: it’s a killer bong. This isn’t a difficult movie to follow. A few stoners and one straight laced guy share an apartment. Their college connection is a bit of a stretch. They have a bong which reportedly kills people. They buy it with full knowledge because it sounds cool. As they smoke pot their souls are pulled into the bong. The bong has a distorted bong world where their souls seem to serve without peril. The bong world is full of strippers that nibble on the souls but don’t seem to hurt anything.

The nibbling bras don’t seem to cause permanent damage.

Evil Bong is a franchise of pot and boobs in a loose horror movie trilogy. The parody this film works better than the Scary Movie franchise without being as blatant and obvious with the homages. Evil Bong 2: King Bong and Evil Bong 3D round out the trilogy.

Doll Graveyard is a very Puppet Master style film without the story continuity of the long running franchise. In this film a young girl is forced to bury her doll collection and ends up in the same grave. A generation later an action figure lover finds the dolls which are now fueled for revenge to protect their owner. Action figure jokes abound. This tiny slasher flick is a nice film to remind people why dolls are freaky. Fans of Killer Bong will recognize a whack happy native being recycled into another film. The rest of the tiny cast would easily fit into Puppet Master. Doll Graveyard is another film that teaches abstinence and parental respect as the partying teenagers are victimized by supernatural slashers. Freed from Puppet Master continuity this movie does not stray far from the ideas of Puppet Master.

The catalog of Charles Band, Full Moon Feature pictures, is long and exhaustive. These three parts have tried to be representative but cannot be exhaustive. Check back. Until then, speak your mind on the Pryde Forum about the last films you’ve watched.

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