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G.I. Joe #7 Review
Published on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 by

Looking at the market numbers over the past few months the sales of Cobra Civil War books is not as strong as it should be because the IDW team is weaving together a complicated story with multiple characters moving in multiple directions toward one goal and more people should be reading. Perhaps the three titles intertwining is too much for the casual fan, but it is less monthly ink than is spent on X-Titles. Perhaps it is a different take on the once familiar Joes, but this is a fun read establishing its own history. Perhaps the season 2 renumbering looked like a reboot which it wasn’t. Whatever reason people use to put off diving into this series, they should suspend that and jump into the back issue bins.

It will be curious to see how the trades are organized, by title or by story line. Since I’m reading the series issue by issue it will take a substantial set of special features to lure me in.

G.I. Joe #7 threatens more Joes. Flint and company is trapped in the ruins of Springfield by a rampaging B.A.T. with Baroness as prisoner. Hawk, Shipwreck, and others are aboard the confiscated Tuna on a less than successful maiden voyage. Behind it all…Cobra! Cobra has been moving more like a hydra in this civil war series with many heads moving toward one goal. Plans and contingency plans are all aimed at bringing down the Joes.

The most notable aspect of Poker Face is how he dies. He’s a barely named Joe that seems recently promoted to Sgt. Dies in a Bank. His look is a bit generic but this player isn’t bluffing. Perhaps he’ll become an iconic fan favorite Joe in his act of giving.

Flint is a hair puller. Contrasted to Poker Face, Flint looks like a thuggish bully. As a commander in a bad situation he is trying to cope the best he can with a hostile hostage.

The Battleship reference worked in by Bludd’s hacker is more clever than, “he’s all in” when Poker Face dies. The puns in this issue run the gambit from groan to near groan, but overall the dialogue works well. The Tuna’s fancy escape pod is convenient but 60 Joes died.

This is a book that you should be reading. Perhaps issue 7 is too far in to jump into the Civil War, but it is time to dig into back bins or trades. What have you been missing? Check out the preview. Read and find out. See what others are saying. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

Writer Chuck Dixon
Artist Wil Rosado
Colorist Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Letterer Shawn Lee
Assistant Editor Carlos Guzman
Editor John Barber

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