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Ghost Rider 2
Published on Thursday, November 10, 2011 by

“Get your motor runnin’, get out on the highway…”(Steppenwolf) Fear Itself has forced a tie-in with a female version of the conflicted anti-hero, but elsewhere a familiar looking Ghost Rider is preparing for a return to the big screen.

Ghost Rider’s debut movie lacked the rave reviews that it deserved in 2007. Ghost Rider 2 is a return of Ghost Rider which is expected to bring forth an all together new experience to the spirit of vengeance. The producers of Ghost Rider 2 say that even though Ghost Rider 2 will have a number of aspects and elements the 2007 debut Ghost Rider, a number of changes will be made. Expect some changes on the back story, change in the characters, reinterpret different concepts evolve the Ghost Rider without necessarily disowning it. Johnny Blaze will be reprising his character role as the Ghost Rider. That seems to be an odd choice this short into the franchise when keeping the same actor in the leading role.

The release of Ghost Rider 2 is expected to be on 17th Feb 2012.

Check out Nic Cage’s interview on IGN.

While Ghost Rider may not have topped the list of best Movie Bars by, the overall production value was great. Expectations are high that the second film should bring more Ghost Rider to the movie theater, with lush backgrounds, and stilted monster magic Cage acting. The animated Ghost Rider will surely be merged in neater now that several years of computer animation have occurred since the first film brought to screen a character once thought unmovieable.

One curious feature in Marvel Comics, one of many, is the new partnership with Harley Davidson ads. The most recent HD ads. These ads have been running conspicuously in comics featuring motorcycles, Ghost Rider, Six Guns, etc. The tag line in, “live cage free,” seems odd given the name of the famous actor set to reportray the motorcycle maniac in Marvel’s movie.

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