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Published on Thursday, November 10, 2011 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Various
Art by: Various
Colored by: Various
Lettered by: Various
Cover Art: A- Adam Kubert w/ Morry Hollowell; B- Nick Bradshaw w/ Marte Gracia
Assistant Editor: Various
Editor: Various

This extra sized one shot was billed as the foundation for the Marvel Universe in 2012. It’s meant to introduce the new titles/concepts that will (could?) be coming in the next year. It’s a hard one to review because of the unknown nature of it. Each story is only a couple of pages. Enough to get an idea, but not enough to form any real opinion.

This will be reviewed on how interesting the pages made me in the upcoming story.

The framing sequance is probably the more interesting idea here. Ed Brubaker and Javier Pulido do the work that opens, closes and serves as an intermission. It involves two oddly-suited people raiding the Watcher’s home on the moon as he sleeps (apparently happening every 3 years for 42 minutes). They see some potential futures, which end up being the stories we read. There’s mention of the Unseen and killing the Watcher.

This makes me think of a big event. It has all the makings of it. Killing, or attempting to, the Watcher would be a major event in the MU and the mentions of the Unseen would be a big new baddie. So I’m curious as to where this would be leading. It seems to be too much effort to be just a throw-away framing sequance. I think this will be something down the line.

Framing Sequance receives
4 out of 5

Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness bring us a couple pages of Nova. Nova tries to get Terrax to flee this world he rules, and save as many people as can before something that would make Galactus “fudge” his pants (yes, they actually use that term) destroys the planet. Nova fails and the planet is destroyed by the Phoenix. There was no X-Men pages in this one-shot so it’s hard to see if this is the same Phoenix or how it connects to the upcoming “big” Loeb/McGuiness project, X-Sanction. Does it even connect?

I’m kind of hoping this doesn’t mean that Loeb/McGuiness will be doing a new Nova series. From these pages they give us a teenaged character, so it’s not Richard Rider?, that is annoying. The dialogue is bad. Very bad. Cringe-worthy bad. Not McGuiness’ best work but that can be forgiven because of the nature of preview book.

But this is not Richard Rider and I hope it’s not supposed to be. There’s not enough to get an idea of where/when/how this will be relevant and just who that Nova is. Rider’s replacement?

Nova receives
2 out of 5

The next story is the upcoming Age of Apocalypse series by David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre. I really liked the way this preview was laid out and really made me interested in the upcoming series. When I first heard about it, my reaction was of bordeom. It was something I had zero interest in. But now? Now I’ll pick it up.

Lapham does a good job of turning the story around from what would be expected. This is a world where mutants rule and the X-Terminated, and the name makes sense when explained in this story, are fighting for the humans. It’s opposite of what is expected from an X-Book and the collection of characters is very interested. It’s an other-world book so it’s to be expected they wouldn’t be the same and this will be a book that lives on the reader recognizing the name and being curious about the changes.

Which I’m normally not that type of reader but Lapham’s script and De La Torre’s art did alot to help me become interested in this story. The way that the Krakken gives a different accounting of history was very nicely done. I got a strong “Nazi’s won” vibe from the story and can’t wait for more.

Age of Apocalypse receives
4.5 out of 5

The Scarlet Spider preview, by Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman, showed Kaine making the decision to become the Scarlet Spider. This preview does get rid of the mystery of who SS is, which Marvel is using to help sell the book. But anyone that read the end of the Spider Island event should have known who Scarlet Spider was going to be. It was pretty damn obvious from the instance that Kaine showed up in part 3 or 4 that he would end up being the new Scarlet Spider.

It’s one of the things I hate about the early release of teasers. A new Scarlet Spider was hinted at before Spider Island was over and as soon as Kaine appeared it was obvious he’d be the new SS.

Yost does a decent job giving Kaine a reason to don the costume. He also does a good job of highlighting what makes Kaine different from Peter Parker, but also what makes them the same. There’s even a good retelling of Kaine’s story. The direction that the series will take isn’t shown, and it’ll be interesting to see how Yost builds this series.

Scarlet Spider receives
3.5 out of 5

The next preview, by Fred Van Lente and Salvador Larroca, was a bit odd as it was completely new and hadn’t been teased at all, which all the others had. I wonder why. Is this the one that Marvel has the least amount of faith in or is it the one they wanted to take completely by surprise?

The set up is extremely interested, the way Van Lente alternates between Coldmoon and Dragonfire was very well done. It’s an opening that grabs your attention. I was thinking that this was a series that took place in the future or some other planet and was actually disappointed when the Avengers showed up.

I hope Van Lente has a good explanation for how this Tiraji Corp has been operating in the MU for 16 years but has never been heard from before. Awful convienant that the Avengers are fighting advaned tech from Tiraji at the same moment the twins show up.

Yes, twins. Seperately they aren’t that strong, but together they’re powerful. Same old story and it’s been done in the Marvel Universe before. Northstar and Aurora. Fenris. There wasn’t much in this preview pages to show why this series/mini-series/one-shot/appearance (what would it be?) should exist. The basic idea was okay. The preview pages were better for the way the story was laid out and then it got bad when the Avengers showed up.

I like the alternating captions. I don’t like how the personalities reflected the powers. It seems too generic. There isn’t much here to really sell this potential comic.

Coldmoon/Dragonfire receives
3 out of 5

The Doctor Strange story by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson was interesting. It’s kind of odd though because it doesn’t obviously fit into the upcoming Defenders, who seem to come together to defeat Nul. So is this a future storyline?

It’s really just a Doctor Strange story. He talks about Greenwich Village and encounters a mystery, and also causes the death of someone. The story itself is interesting, and Doc even sees a bit of the future with the Defenders, but it’s not enough to sell a potential reader on a new Defenders series. It’s just a quick little Doctor Strange story. Not enough hook.

A good read by itself, it’s just not enough to showcase what is upcoming for the Defenders. Luckily I was already going to pick up the first issue of the upcoming series to check it out. The mystery that Doctor Strange finds also doesn’t help sell the book because it’s not fully explained. Out of all the preview pages, this one felt the most like it was the opening pages from a full issue and not just preview pages. It felt like it was unfinished and didn’t hint at anything to come.

Doctor Strange receives
3 out of 5

The Avengers: Age of Ultron pages looked fantastic. Bryan Hitch does some amazing work in these few Bendis written pages with one glaring exception. I don’t know how he manages to pull off the shaking effect, but it looks great. The exception is that the layout is a bit hard to follow. Do the pages go left to right or top to bottom? The story itself is a bit hard to follow, who is where and doing what. It’s got a chaotic feel to it.

But man does it look good.

These pages do a great job of presenting the upcoming storyline. We don’t get much information but we get multiple Ultrons chasing Spider-Man and Hawkeye through some ruined buildings. It’s obvious that the world is in bad shape and we get the heroes mentioning that they’re the last. These pages, combined with what we saw in the early issues of Avengers, definately makes for an interesting story.

Avengers receives
4 out of 5

As a book designed to show the foundation for the upcoming year Point One does a good job. Not all the previews were that good at showing what to expect in the series, but each do a decent enough job at showing that a new series is coming. A potential new reader can get a feel for the series, if they’ll like the writing or the art, from these pages and that might be enough to convince them to pick up the series.

It looks like Marvel has alot of stuff planned for the next year. Some appear more interesting then others.

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